Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jake Pavelka Scores Off The Charts-- The Mendoza Chart, That Is!...

After last night's "too ridiculous to be real so it must be reality TV" special with Jake and Vienna, I am suddenly so glad he did not make the Top Ten Hotties of Reality TV list as I originally intended. He may have a cute face, but on the Mendoza scale, his crazy greatly outweighs the nice smile.

I don't normally watch The Bachelor, but I had to check out a few minutes of what I thought would be a pretty unnecessary episode of Watch What Happens on the wrong network. I was wrong. Oh, it was still unnecessary, but I found that like with Lays, I couldn't stop with just a few. One after the other, each moment proved to be more insane than the last, and I kind of kept waiting for the other shoe to drop with a "Psych!" or something. I mean, no one could let fame go to their head to the point of threatening to hit the woman you supposedly loved on national television, right? Right??

Oh wait: Charlie Sheen.

Anyway, I wrote an editorial about this phenomenal event television over at Examiner. Admittedly, that's usually a place for "news voice" but I couldn't hold back, and I wasn't sure how I felt sullying these pages with their names. Check it out if you have an iron stomach, like me, for the guilty pleasures and even the crappy reality TV.

And hey: who knew Vienna wouldn't be known as "the crazy one" in that relationship!?

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