Thursday, July 22, 2010

Like 'Life Unexpected'? Help A Fellow Fan With A Very Special Project...

Back before The CW had even decided the fate of its freshman drama Life Unexpected, one very special fan named Steph, who goes by LUX_fans online, started working a project that showed her devotion to the show and the talent behind it, whether its network recognized it or not.

Asking fans across the globe to contribute, Steph began putting together a "Thank You" video to show creator Liz Tigelaar for birthing the characters to and with which so many have related and fallen in love. She wanted Tigelaar to know that even if the network didn't opt to pick up the show for a second season, it had already resonated very deeply with many, and each person who connected with LUX' characters or world in some way were now Tigelaar fans for life.

But as it turns out, we don't have to go anywhere any time soon. Life Unexpected is returning for a second season in September, and Steph is harder at work than ever gathering materials from fans to finish the video by its premiere date. Keep on reading to hear why Steph feels Tigelaar (and this show in general) is so worthy of adoration and admiration, as well as how you can be a part of her very special video project!

What attracted you to Life Unexpected in the first place? And what keeps you watching?
- "I was interested in finding a new show to watch. I happened to have seen one of the previews & thought it looked cute. Then when I saw that it was being compared to Gilmore Girls, I set the date in my calendar. The whole story line just seemed different in a good way and something that I could potentially really enjoy. However, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. The story lines, the "realness", the characters...It all makes for a fabulous show."

What does the show, and the characters Liz has created, mean to you on a personal level?
- "I see myself as a mix of Lux & Cate, mostly Cate. So watching them on TV go through some of the stuff I have gone through, it makes me feel like I'm not alone. The characters, as well as the show, are so "real" & relatable. I just love it."

Did you follow Liz (or any of the actors)'s careers prior to Life Unexpected?
- "I had seen Shiri [Appleby, Cate] in Roswell and absolutely loved her. She is such a fantastic actress and has amazing chemistry with anyone she is with. After that, I saw a lot of her movies. I just love her work. I saw Britt [Robertson, Lux] first in Dan In Real Life not realizing who she was at the time but I thought she was adorable. When I really found out who she was, was after The Tenth Circle (one of my favorite movies). She was so fantastic in that movie. Blew me away. I had also seen Kerr [Smith, Ryan] in Dawson's Creek (obviously) & in Charmed as well. I was a HUGE Charmed fan, so let's leave it at that."

Why did you choose to get involved in the online fandom, such as creating vids, Facebook groups, and a special Twitter?
- "After the first episode, I was completely blown away & went absolutely nuts on my personal twitter (which I still use regularly). I ended up losing followers due to my over-obsessive tweets. I, then, decided to just casually make a "fan twitter" for just Life Unexpected so that I could tweet it up as much as I pleased & chat with other LUX fans. What started off as just 30-40 followers, started to grow more and more. I kept gaining followers & a "fan" base. From that, I made a Youtube & a Facebook to spread more over the internet. The Youtube started as just playlists to organize all the LUX-related videos out there. I had made videos in the past, so I decided to make some Life Unexpected ones, which could also be found on that Youtube account. Things just keep getting bigger and better. I'm absolutely loving it. It's such a great experience. Especially since I want to work in TV when I graduate."

Tell me a little bit about the special 'Thank You' video project. Why did you decide to do it and why do you hope fans will take part?
- "It actually started when I saw all the fans advocating for a second season. After the second season was announced, I thought about how happy Liz must be and how much she deserves it. Which led me to the idea of some sort of "thank you" project. I wanted the fans involved as well to show how much she is loved & appreciated."

What do you hope the 'Thank You' video project does for Liz and/or the show?
- "My biggest wish is that Liz knows how much she is appreciated. She deserves it."

What are the requirements for the videos, should fans want to send them in now?'
- "The sooner, the better! I have to eventually finish the video, so I can't be receiving them three months from now. My hope is to have the DVD finished and shipped off to Liz by the start of season two. The DVD will have chapters/"scenes". The main one being the edited montage of pictures, videos, and clips from the videos people are sending in. The other chapters will be the individual full videos that are sent in, as well as a chapter with the pictures set to music. Each video should be no longer than one minute (give or take a few seconds). Begin the video with "Hey Liz, it's (insert name here)." I need that for part of the main video. Then go on to explain what you are thankful for, wish her luck/congratulate her on season two, etc. If you know her personally, you could talk about a personal experience or something like that. Other than that, just say anything you would like to say to her. And most of all, have fun with it! :) "

If you have more specific questions or want to inquire about where to send a video of your own, feel free to get in touch with Steph directly through her Twitter or Facebook.

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