Thursday, July 29, 2010

Melissa McCarthy, Back on TV This Fall As a Leading Lady...

Melissa McCarthy may have a new sitcom on CBS-- Mike & Molly-- but she will always be the original Sookie (Gilmore Girls) to me!

The bubbly funny lady has always kept me laughing as Lorelai's accident-prone BFF or as Christina Applegate's dog-loving BFF (Samantha Who?), but in both of those roles she was something of a supporting character. Now she is finally breaking out as a lead as the titular "Molly," a woman with a wacky family who is starting on the adventure of a new relationship after meeting a cute guy at Overeaters' Anonymous. It's about damn time that she finally gets recognized for being able to carry a show!

My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture got to chat with McCarthy briefly at a CBS party celebrating their fall shows and stars. She is even sweeter and more bubbly in person!

McCarthy seemed just as excited as I was that she has this new role, but she did equate it to one from her past that we all know and love:

"Well, it’s awfully exciting, that’s for sure! I got so lucky with the last two shows—Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who?—I guess I kind of hope that they liked what I did and that they said ‘What about…what about that but a little more?’ I don’t know; this came along, and it certainly was a good fit. I love it. To me it’s reminiscent of both shows but maybe a little more Gilmore Girls. There were scenes about Gilmore Girls that were so funny but it also broke my heart at times, and I find that this one has that, which is my perfect combination."

McCarthy shared that before she read the script she wasn't sure about the sitcom format, but this really has ended up being the marrying of two loves for her:

"I was pregnant at the time, and I was like maybe I’ll take some time off. And I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do multi-camera because I don’t want to do the [hammy] ‘Oh, John!’ But a live audience I love. I’ve been with the Groundlings Theatre for about ten years, so for me it’s like ‘Oh my God, that’s what I spend my free time doing and what I love with all my heart!’ Now it’s my job! I’m waiting for someone to be like ‘Oh but you don’t get paid, though. That’s the one weird caveat'."

McCarthy is having a ball working with her on-screen other half, Billy Gardell:

"He is the sweetest guy and a great big mix of things. He’s this big, loud guy who comes in and is like [attempting to bellow] 'Hey, how ya doin'?" And he’s a complete marshmallow! You know, he has this background in stand-up comedy and he's just such a funny, funny guy."

McCarthy said it was easy to find the chemistry with Gardell:

"We looked at each other, and he was like ‘Okay, let’s do this!’ And I was like ‘Okay, let’s get a show!’ And literally we felt completely relaxed."

McCarthy admitted it is still up in the air how fast this couple will move in their relationship, but she has a theory and a preference!

"I don’t know what the pacing is but to us and to the writers it’s a basic story of a love story. That’s the whole base of the show, and there are so many great awkward things…when you start dating somebody. Even if you like them! You don’t know what to do with your hands; you don’t know what to say; all of the things that converge that ‘How am I that geeky??’ I hope they will [take their time with telling the story]. I think they will; the writers know there’s a lot to be gained at that. And I would love to see a couple not be too TV-timing where they’re like ‘We met and now we’re living together!’ That’s not how it works!"

Look for Mike & Molly on CBS this fall!

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