Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sidney Prescott Is Now A Published Author...


First there were movie(s) made about her life and now apparently Sidney Prescott is now a published author, too! Le sigh. Just another way for my beloved childhood franchise to utilize my ideas! I mean, when I first saw Scream 3 and how Sidney was living all secluded up on a ranch with her Golden Retriever and call-in therapy job, I said it was the perfect setting for her to put pen to paper about the crazy events of her young life. After all, it's how I imagined Stephen King wrote most of his own horror novels in middle of nowhere Maine. Only Sidney wouldn't have had to dive into the depths of a twisted imagination; all she had to do was think back to a few years ago Tuesday!

Photos from fans who have been stalking...err, I mean staking out the set up in Michigan have revealed Sidney (Neve Campbell)'s book cover. In a scene being shot yesterday and today inside a practical bookstore, Sydney hosts a book signing while Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) and a few parked Woodsboro Sheriff cars sat outside...perhaps keeping an eye out for the new killer who is already on the loose.

Remember when Gail Weathers (Courteney Cox-Arquette) wrote a book of her own? Something tells me that by now she has a few more under her belt...and they're all in the bargain bin!

Now, if I remember correctly, even back in the mid to late nineties when the first part of this franchise came about, Wes Craven had multiple script pages floating around so that if someone (a fan or reporter) got their hands on a copy, they didn't necessarily know the ending/who the killer(s) was. In today's age of Tweeting and cameraphones and whatnot, I can only hope they are shooting those big reveals on a private, secluded soundstage with a skeleton crew! I may not mind little character spoilers, but this is a slasher film, for crying out-loud, and knowing who the killer is before you even sit down in the theater ruins all the fun!


Lindsay And said...

Do you need me to go get some more photos from the set? Kidding - I'm not a stalker! =)


danielletbd said...

Um, yes!!! If I lived out there, I would be driving around looking for production signs. I was OBSESSED with these movies when I was a kid; they were (well, the original was anyway) the reason I got into the horror genre in the first place!