Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why I'm Agro Today: The 2010 Emmy Nominations...

Okay, look, I'm a Gleek. Maybe not card-carrying, but I still do scour eBay looking for the special Live Tour Hoodie that they only had in XXL when I went to the tour. I eagerly anticipate every week's episode and always download the music (legally) the night before because I just don't want to wait. I have even begun recapping the show over at SqueeTV. So obviously I have a ton of fun with the show...but I am still an objective enough viewer to say I don't think they deserved all of the nominations they got this morning.

Don't hit me.

Chris Colfer is amazing. I have already editorialized my feelings on him and his character of Kurt Hummel, who I have called "the only fleshed out, real human being" on that show. He more than deserves accolades, though I honestly can't tell you if I prefer watching him do a serious scene or spit a witty, snarky line. Obviously the show is more comedy than it is drama, so he was nominated in the Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category. Whatever, wherever, he is an ingenue at the tender age of twenty and is so talented it hurts. But the fact that he is still so humble, sweet, and enjoying every minute of the ride makes you want to root for him. And up against the guys from Modern Family (but we'll get to that a bit later), he may just be the underdog...which makes me, personally, want to root for him even harder.

Jane Lynch was one of my picks on my fangirl dream ballot this year, so obviously I didn't cheer when I heard her name but nodded approvingly. The woman can make even the weakest writing funny-- and let's face it, sometimes the plot-lines of glee are pretty damn weak! But she is another one of the few characters that has actually had a real arc-- and some growth-- in the first season, and I feel that is a testament to the actor portraying the role. The fans want to see more from these characters because the actors have developed nuanced performances, even when they're in the background, which inspires the writers to give them more than will bring them to the front-burner. And when they hit it out of the park there...well, see these nominations, I guess!

That brings us to Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele who were each nominated in their respective gender's Lead in a Comedy category. Morrison's performance is kind of creepy when it's not completely vanilla, which is one way to go, I guess. But I can count half a dozen other actual comedic actors (*cough Ed O'Neill! *cough Joel McHale!) who were snubbed while this cheeseball gets on the ballot his first time out of the gate.

And Michele! Ah, Michele! I don't know that people are necessarily laughing with her performance rather than at the dorky things Rachel Berry says and does. That's a distinction that can make or break a stand-up comedian, so why shouldn't the same critique apply here? There is no doubt that she is a talented, talented girl. She can sing her little heart out, and thankfully for all of us gleeks, she does just that week after week. But no matter how good a singer she is-- or how much of the show she may carry-- that doesn't mean she is the best actress! Seeing her name alongside new legends like Toni Collette, Tina Fey, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus severely upset-- and mildly offended-- me. Sure, I know there's no way in hell she can ever win. But that doesn't offer much comfort because the Emmy Foundation is supposed to be a bit more sacred; the selection committee is supposed to be made up of actually qualified critics, not fangirls who get sucked into the spectacle. That's what the People's Choice/Teen Choice Awards are for! glee and it's cast should win just about all of the statues and surfboards (respectively) there.

For all of the above reasons-- it's bordering on flash-in-the-pan phenomenon right now; it's grossly uneven as an overall series when it comes to quality of writing; it's definitely more about the music than the funny-- I also feel there is no way in hell that glee as a whole should have been nominated. Maybe-- maybe in the Outstanding Musical or Variety Show category. But undoubtedly Fox would have found that insulting and never submitted that way.

Again, please don't hit me. I really do get a kick out of the show. I just feel it needs some serious maturing before it's ready for the caliber of these awards!

In other Emmy news, I am a bit surprised and saddened that Parenthood did not get recognized. Though I did not like the show in the early episodes, I feel it has gotten immensely stronger due to playing to the actors' strengths (just like Community), and therefore its leads Peter Krause and Lauren Graham deserve to be celebrated for making the show the success it is.

Also, though I am super thrilled for Modern Family getting recognized, I feel like three actors against each other in the Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category is going to split the vote :( In my opinion, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen should have been considered as Leads to avoid such a thing, but the producers probably submitted them for Supporting to give them a better shot of actually getting the nomination.

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