Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be Still My Adolescent Heart...

After you read my book you will understand a little better that my relationship skills are somewhat preserved in a nostalgic state of adolescence. I don't mind, though; it's not hurting anyone, and I'm happy with the relationship I currently do have. But I am not one to shy away from admitting that for awhile when I was younger, I was desperate to believe in that sappy kind of love and romance that you only saw depicted on soap operas and in bad pop ballads. Case in point: New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys.

I was a boy band groupie. There, I said it, and you know what? It does feel a little better to acknowledge it!

When I interviewed Donnie Wahlberg at the TCAs this year, my heart was beating super fast as he put his hand on my side and lead me around the party, weaving in between other bloggers and actors in order to find a decently quiet spot to chat and then a decently lit spot to take a photo. I told him how big a fan I was-- though I managed to get the interview done first (that's called professional, people!!), and I also managed to not explain the hoards of NKOTB paraphernalia I collected as a child. I even managed to refrain from saying I was a child when he was in that band! Somehow I think that would have negated any of the positive feelings he had from me telling him his new fall cop drama was my favorite of the genre...

A long, semi-embarrassing story short, I was involved in a flirtation with a boy in eighth grade that an ex-friend of mine also liked. He would slip notes into my rarely used locker, and I would make the extra trek to that corner of the school twice a day to retrieve them and then leave a response. They were your typical tween correspondence: honed after years of writing to pen pals all across the country in our respective English classes, they were pretty chaste. But where I allowed myself to open up was through utilizing song lyrics to express how I felt for him. To this day I have no idea if he even understood the references or if he assumed the bad poetry was penned by my own hand.

Today Ryan Seacrest shared that NKOTB and BSB-- the two greatest boy bands in my own personal history-- will be joining powerhouse forces and going on tour next year. Live Nation, the company behind great tours like Madonna, Mariah Carey, and glee: Live in Concert, said Seacrest jumped the gun a little bit because no dotted line had yet been signed. But I heard all I needed to. The mere fact that it was a thought in someone else's mind other than myself was good enough for me. I will be there, not quite with bells on, but perhaps a know, just to go with the "retro nostalgia" theme of it all!

I don't quite know how they will make this tour work. Kevin Richardson (my personal favorite Backstreet Boy) is no longer a part of the group, and quite a few other members have families they are dedicated to seeing have normal lives rather than drag out their fifteen minutes in the spotlight. Wahlberg, as aforementioned, has a grueling production schedule on a new CBS drama. Yet he still manages to make it out to the sold-out NKOTB cruise every year because his fans mean the world to him (you can tell this by how he interacts with them on Twitter).

So I guess the real question is not if or how they'll make this tour work but who will they get to open for them? Is it too much to hope for Ace of Base??

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