Monday, August 2, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Comedy Edition...

Inspired by a friend who has been seeing many more stand-up shows than I would assume unemployment would allow, I am stepping outside of my "type" box and considering some guys that aren't traditionally labeled as "hot" or "sexy." Comedians are quite often outcasts; kids who grew up using comedy as a defense mechanism because they were too smart or not good enough at sports or otherwise awkward-- even if only in their own minds. But funny and smart are hot, too! So here is my ode to the Top Ten Hotties of Stand-Up Comedy!

10. Adam Sandler. He's goofy but not quite self-deprecating, and in an odd way he seems almost shy at times. But when's at home when he busts out his guitar for a rousing original song about holidays or celebrities or the unsung heroes of your school (lunch ladies). He's-- dare I say it-- better than Weird Al! He's definitely hotter than Weird Al! Guys and guitars, man!

9. Craig Gass. He is a killer impressionist who makes doing Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Tracy Morgan look easy. And he does it all with a killer smile and a laid-back style that even they would be laughing if they caught his act. He's not out to offend anyone but just have fun; he's the life of the party guy. Tina Fey needs to use him on TGS, stat!

8. Jamie Kaler. I saw him perform this bit about people having too many kids once. And I thought it wasn't going to be all that funny because other than Wacky Hair Kate or Octomom, is it even really true anymore? But he had this line about how polio has been cured so having a lot of kids is unnecessary because they'll all survive and just end up adding to our traffic problem in this city, and I thought that was a really great twist. Plus, he's a ginger, so that makes him kind of exotic. Oh wait, and also because he recurred in one of my favorite "gone too soon" shows Significant Others (the Bravo version, not the one with Jennifer Garner), and that sh*t was comedy gold! Lots of reasons this one is hot...maybe I should move him up on the list a bit...

7. Gary Gulman. He is tall, dark, handsome, and funny. He's actually kind of the poor man's Jon Stewart. 'Nuff said! Plus he does bits about cookies and the "Oh, shit!" handle on the passenger side of cars. He definitely knows how to get my attention!

6. Geoff Keith. People who see this fairly new comedian call him "one to watch" and not just because he nails social commentary or pop culture bits. He is fresh faced and adorable and could easily become the poster boy for stand-up comedy if clubs want to advertise that not all of their performers are overweight, sweaty, hairy dudes. He kind of has the "I just graduated from the Disney Channel" look about him but instead of being schmoozy and pre-packaged, he is off-the-cuff, clever, and adorable. Oh did I call him that already? Well, he is!

5. Josh Wolf. He looks like a frat boy but the kind that won't date rape you. Maybe mixed with a little Jonathan Groff but only when the stage lights hit him a certain way. This guy has intensity in his eyes, in the energy he uses to move around stage, and in the passion in his voice when he delivers his material. He loves what he does; he's excited about what he does; and he wants you to be, too.

4. Jeff Dye. Bless Last Comic Standing for introducing me to this up-and-coming comedian who has Jim Halpert hair and a more chiseled face. There's a little bit of Zachary Levi in his baby face, too, and that's never a bad thing! He could be a catalog model, but he went the route of choosing a profession that allows him to use his brain instead. And he is able to make fun of himself (which he does often in his act) without being Jon Lovitz whiny or off-putting. It actually makes such a good looking guy like himself seem more approachable and "real."

3. Jon Stewart. Knowing about the issues is hot. Knowing about them well enough to form an educated opinion on where you stand and then make cracks at the other side's expense is even hotter. It's no wonder most young people get their news from him right now: he tells it in a fun way and looks good doing it!

2. Keenen Ivory Wayans. Actually all of the Wayans brothers are attractive and funny, but he has always been my favorite! He paved the way for his younger brothers but also for a lot of young African American comedians in general. He was always more sketch than stand-up, and being able to create characters and keep them fresh when you bring them back time and again is a pretty hot feat!

1. Joel McHale. He is tall, has great hair and nice eyes; he's maybe a little too classically good-looking for stand-up. He gets really physical on stage, though, which I love, because it shows that he's into the material and still passionate about what he's doing. I don't get comedians who just stand holding the mic rigidly! This guy is a true performer and that sets him apart!

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