Monday, August 9, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Film Edition...

Ladies and gentlemen, the time is upon us. Sadly today brings the final category in the Hottie Awards. Some say it's the most anticipated, as it is perhaps the most mainstream, featuring guys who are known internationally. Yes, it is finally time for the Top Ten Hotties of Film!

10. Emile Hirsch. I have loved this quirky guy since The Girl Next Door, which admittedly didn't show off his great acting chops as much as more recent films like Alpha Dog, Into the Air or Milk, but it definitely showed off his charm nonetheless. He takes each role very seriously, honing his craft each time, even if the script is kind of silly (*cough, Speed Racer), and that makes him even hotter!

9. James Marsden. He won me over long before he sang "I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss" in the first Disney film that I felt was made more for adults than kids, but that moment still made my heart skip a beat nonetheless. Even in crazy purple tights, prancing around like a simpleton, he looked hot. This guy can do anything: musicals, action films, romantic comedies, period dramas... I don't care what project he takes next as long as it means I get to keep watching him on a fifty foot screen!

8. Mark Ruffalo. He's a little bit scruffy and a little bit non-traditional in some ways, and that makes him a lot hot! He also reminds me of a young Marlon Brando, and you can't go wrong there!

7. Will Smith. He may have been in a movie called Bad Boys, but he's smooth; he's slick; and he's a genuinely good guy. He could rock the mic back in the day, but today he rocks a suit and shows off his smarts instead of his body. He's a savvy businessman and truly understands this industry and how to get the most out of it. Needless to say, he will always look good doing it!

6. Robert Downey Jr. This guy is an inspiration. He has had more lives in Hollywood than most would even be considered. But that is a testament to his true hotness: his talent. He can sing; he can play; he can act the crap out of even a pretty two-dimensional action flick. Hell, he even looks good in his mugshot!

5. Marlon Brando. Well, young Brando. Streetcar Named Desire Brando. Black and white movies used to bore me (I know: bad film student!) until this guy showed up on my screen!

4. Matt Damon. I admit when he and his BFF Ben Affleck first hit Hollywood, I preferred the taller, darker one. But over the years, Matt has really smiled his way into my heart. Aside from that killer smile, though, he can do sexy & smoldering, or just relaxed and casual. Even when he gains weight for a role, he still looks good!

3. Ryan Reynolds. He reminds me of a young Brad Pitt, which means I know he is going places looks-wise and acting-wise. I love that a man who looks as good as he does has such a goofy side, too!

2. Denzel Washington. You fall in love the minute this guy smiles, but even when he's bad, you still think he has a sweet side due to that smile. It can brighten a room! And his laugh is deep and booming and pretty damn hot, too. I actually prefer him today than when he was just a young buck starting out because while he was always talented, now he truly owns every scene and every screen, and that kind of confidence is even hotter!

1. Brad Pitt. Do I really need to explain this? Like many who were listed before him, he has gotten better with age. And though I don't usually like long hair on guys, I have to admit that he can rock that, even with a scraggly beard. He's adorable; he's talented; he's a caring, loving family man. He wins! Pitt for President!

Still feel I missed someone worthy? I mean, other than Clooney? I get it: everyone loves him; he's funny and talented and attractive. I don't deny any of that. But he greatly reminds me of my best friend from childhood's dad, and there's something icky about crushing on that! But if there's someone else you think I forgot, feel free to sound off in the comments. And stay tuned because the Hottie Awards: Reader's Choice category is about to be open for voting!

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