Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Readers' Choice!...

Now that you've seen all of of My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's personal picks for the Top Ten Hotties of All-Time in categories such as Primetime TV, Music, Sports, and Stand-Up Comedy, you may be saying my taste is too specific or your favorite was robbed. Well, now is your chance to sound off and see your top pick's beautiful face grace this website, too! Starting today, voting is open in the Top Readers' Choice Hottie in each category!

Top Primetime TV Hottie
Top Daytime TV Hottie
Top Reality TV Hottie
Top Music Hottie
Top Sports Hottie
Top Model Hottie
Top Stand-Up Comedy Hottie
Top Film Hottie

All you have to do to vote is leave a comment on this article or Tweet me with the category name and your selection's name. Only one vote per category per "entry." I will accept entries for the next week, and you will see the results on August 23rd.

Remember to vote in all categories, and you can vote more than once to give your guy(s) a better chance.


Wesley Ambrecht said...

Top Primetime TV Hottie: Dianna Agron
Top Daytime TV Hottie: Kelly Monaco
Top Reality TV Hottie: Britney Haynes
Top Music Hottie: Katerina Graham
Top Sports Hottie: Kathryn McCormick
Top Model Hottie: Izabel Goulart
Top Stand-Up Comedy Hottie: Iliza Shlesinger
Top Film Hottie: Kristen Bell

Liz said...

Top Primetime TV Hottie: Jensen Ackles
Top Daytime TV Hottie: Bryan Datillo (even though he's no longer on DOOL)
Top Reality TV Hottie: John Gidding (HGTV's "Curb Appeal: The Block")
Top Music Hottie: Christian Kane
Top Sports Hottie: Daniel Sepulvada (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Top Model Hottie: Gabriel Aubry
Top Stand-Up Comedy Hottie: Chelsea Handler
Top Film Hottie: Jensen Ackles

MrsHSomerhalder said...

Top Primetime TV Hottie: Ian Somerhalder
Top Daytime TV Hottie: Rob James-Collier
Top Reality TV Hottie: Lloyd Daniels
Top Music Hottie: Hayley Williams
Top Sports Hottie: Fernando Torres
Top Model Hottie: Ian Somerhalder
Top Stand-Up Comedy Hottie: Iain Stirling
Top Film Hottie: Nina Dobrev

Jessica said...

Top Primetime TV Hottie:Ian Somerhalder
Top Music Hottie: Josh Ramsey
Top Model Hottie: Ian Somerhalder
Top Stand-Up Comedy Hottie: Seth Rogen
Top Film Hottie: Robert Pattinson