Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hottie Awards: Your Smorgasbord...

Recently I rounded up my favorite Hotties in categories like Primetime TV, Daytime TV, Stand-Up Comedy, and Film. Readers did not necessarily express surprise by my choices, but they definitely expressed upset that their own favorites weren't always represented. So I opened it up. I allowed a Readers' Choice category, where followers of this blog and my Twitter could comment on who they would nominate. And the votes were overwhelming...but in very specific categories. Names flooded in-- both male and female, I must point out-- and it was clear what shows and stars had the fans most rallying. Some of my original selections received secondary votes, and they were counted of course as well, but the list compiled below are only the ones that got the most votes across the categories. And hey, if you didn't see your favorite here, then keep an eye on this page so the next time this comes around you can vote harder, more often, and by getting your friends to vote, too!

And the Readers Choice are:

Top Primetime TV Hottie: The Vampire Diaries fans have spoken! Tying (yes, that's right two for the price of one here!) for your top TV hottie...Ian Somerhalder and Steven R. McQueen!

Top Daytime TV Hottie: I got quite a few emails and Tweets asking how I could forget the gangster everyone has come to love...Maurice Benard!
Top Reality TV Hottie: This category was all over the map. I received names of HGTV hosts, as well as contestants from seasons of long-running shows whose names I wasn't fully sure I remembered. Oddly no name was brought up more than once, though, so I stuck all names into a hat and pulled at random. And your "winner" is...John Gidding (though he might have an unfair advantage since he used to be a model)!
Top Music Hottie: He sings; he plays; he also acts. He looks like a tough guy but he is super sweet and approachable. He just about has it all! Christian Kane!

Top Sports Hottie: My own selection for the #1 slot...David Beckham!

Top Model Hottie: Another one of my pics...Gabriel Aubry!

Top Stand-Up Comedy Hottie: I put this guy a little lower on the list (but hey, he still made the list!) and then heard from tons of his fans who felt he should have been much, much higher up, like maybe even #1...Jamie Kaler!

Top Film Hottie: This one didn't get nearly as many votes in general for the category as I would have expected. But then again, like me, all of you are much more focused on the smaller screen :D Quite predictably, the winner here is actually someone who has been in film and TV: David Duchovny!

Thanks for playing along and keep checking back for more of these!

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