Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 'LOST' Auction: The Only Place DanielleTBD May Be The Most Frugal Person In The Room...

I'm spending the weekend in the Santa Monica Barker Hangar with Profiles in History. The last time I was here was for the Maxim Hot 100 Party, and let's just say the crowd was significantly different. The fans attending the LOST auctions are much more my peeps! Even if they are much more wealthy than I am. Case in point: I really only wanted two items from this auction. One was the fail safe key that Desmond has and uses in season two when the numbers don't get punched into the computer within the allotted time. The other was a Dharma notebook. The first day of the auction has passed, and I have come away with neither.

The key went for $11,000. Even splitting the cost with a friend who decided we could pool our money and share it Big Bang Theory style for a better shot at obtaining it, our total price willing/able to pay was nowhere near the final number. And that final number is without the applicable 20% buyer's fee and California sales tax. Le sigh. It's a cool, iconic piece, but I'm just not that into the show. Now if it was, say, Dean's amulet on the other hand...

Two friends and I were going to go in on the Dharma notebooks together. We saw a lot that featured the rolled ones in the tubey things that would be sent from one station to another on the island. Those went for $3000, triple what we were willing to pay. Damn, those internet bidders upping the ante at the last minute every time! That, and they kept extending the length of bidding on each lot, making the auctioneer only able to average about forty-five per hour, meaning that when I left at 9pm, they had just started working on season three items. And I had been there for eight hours. So tomorrow should be fun!

There are two more lots of Dharma notebooks up for auction tomorrow. Unfortunately one is the set that Hurley was using to write Star Wars, and I have it on good authority Jorge Garcia himself will be bidding over the phone to obtain those. If they go for less than $5000, I will be shocked. The amount of LOSTies and Trekkies who would want to get their hands on these will be truly mind-blowing.

But at least I came away with a bottle of Dharma water and a bottle of Oceanic water. And some pretty cool photo ops with some of the bigger set pieces being auctioned off this weekend!

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