Monday, August 16, 2010

My Belated 'Supernatural' Birthday Present...

Loyal (and careful) readers might remember that at the end of May I was super excited to have figured out what to get myself for my birthday this year. I ordered a Supernatural action figure set from a girl named Jess who was advertising on eBay that she could completely customize them for her buyers. In other words, if you wanted Dean or Sam, you didn't just order a Dean or Sam and get a generic one of them standing their in their trademark jackets. You could tell her from which episode you wanted them dressed and styled-- and even more specifically, which scene in case you wanted to get really fancy with poses or whatever.

The first order I placed was for a simple one: I wanted Castiel (Misha Collins) as he was first introduced to the boys (and to us in turn), in the fourth season premiere. Trademark trenchcoat and slightly askew tie, it didn't seem that difficult (especially when considering some of the others I was cooking up in my mind!). Well, it took longer than I was originally told it would (my birthday was almost two months ago), but today the mailman finally dropped him off to me! My mini Cas!!
(Impala sold separately)

Jess has been super great to work with so far in order to achieve the look I want for the character(s). She emails photos as she sculpts the figures, and then updates later with images of the painted and almost completed ones. I imagine had I had complaints or notes, she would have adjusted along the way prior to shipping him out, but I was seriously impressed with the level of skill and attention to detail and had nothing but thank you's to offer.

The package I ordered was actually a series of figures, and I have already placed my order for the next one: none other than Dean himself, of course! And not just any Dean but a very specific one of him posing in mid-shot from another favorite fourth season episode of mine. More details on that once he has been received and chronicled right here. Stay tuned!

And if any of you want to order your own one-of-a-kind figurines from Jess (from Supernatural or any of the other genre shows she works on, like Buffy or Firefly), I would be happy to connect you guys!


Claudia said...

Mini-Cas looks adorable. That's an awesome birthday present for yourself. ;D

So you've ordered a set of 6 figures? Does it have to be six or can it be less as while? I really dig the design. Does the girl that makes your figures have a website where I could look at her previous work?

I'm really curious who else you picked. My guess would be: Dean, Sam, Bobby, John, Mary

danielletbd said...

Hi Claudia: The package I found on eBay was for six. But I'm not keeping all six for myself (though I seriously considered doing Castiel and then a series of 5 "faces of Dean"). I think she has packages that are for single figures or fewer figures. And if you contacted her directly she would probably work out a specific package to your needs. I just found it on eBay, got excited, and clicked Buy.

I know she posts in some of the forums and has posted photos there.

I haven't picked all of the others yet. But stay tuned! I'll be posting photos/updates as they come through.