Monday, August 9, 2010

'On Writing' with Jenny Bicks and Darlene Hunt of 'The Big C'...

I already told you all how The Big C managed to win me over with its combination of wit, charm, and powerful, positive message. But now let the writers of the show, Jenny Bicks (of Sex and the City fame) and Darlene Hunt win you over directly as they give you a little exclusive sneak peek as to what it's like to be in their writers room!

Bicks and Hunt are full of the same wit, charm, humor, and strong message as the show itself. They breathe life into the rich characters and draw upon personal experience and beliefs in order to create the world in which Cathy (Laura Linney) so gracefully habitates. They also have a very clear idea for who all of their characters should be and where they should go (including a notable SATC alumn who will guest star in season one and perhaps beyond).

This 'On Writing' column is a little bit different, in that My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture is allowing you to see and hear the words directly from the ladies' mouths with a one-on-one-- err, well, one-on-two roundtable interview. It was the purest way to capture the essence of fun that these ladies-- and this show-- exhibit. Enjoy!

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