Sunday, August 22, 2010

A 'Supernatural' Memorabilia Auction? A Fangirl Can Dream, Can't She?...

Yesterday I asked you guys what other series (when it comes to its sad end) you'd want to see host an auction of memorabilia the way ABC and Profiles in History are doing for LOST. Naturally with my regular readers/Twitter followers the overwhelming response said Supernatural! So today, I pose to you a harder question: What item would you most want to own from that show??

I cover the Creation Entertainment conventions in Los Angeles. I know how much fans are willing to pay for photo ops, autographs, and unlicensed merchandise like wall banners, tee-shirts, and busts. If small items from LOST, like Sawyer's letter-- which wasn't even the original-- netted $6500 before taxes and fees, I can only imagine what the Supernatural fans would be willing to pay! And just think of all of the great, iconic pieces they would have to offer. Sure some might go to the Warner Brothers museum, and others still might be taken home by the cast or crew themselves. But what many people don't know about production is that there are always duplicates made of every key prop or wardrobe piece in case of lost, damage, or theft. And sometimes they just need multiple items in various states of wear. So even if they want to archive Dean's infamous brown leather jacket, for example, they would still have an additional one to auction off.

The LOST auction is set to raise almost two million dollars when all is said and done. This is in part because small items (like the castaways passports) brought in so much more than originally expected, but also because they are selling huge key items like the Dharma van. So I guess I better start saving up my pennies now on the off-chance Warner Brothers and The CW actually does one such auction when Supernatural ends!

What item from 'Supernatural' would you most want to own?

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