Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Top Ten Moments of the TCAs...

The Summer 2010 press tour kicked off with a Top Ten List of memorable moments from TCAs past, and though most of them were funny, joking moments ala David Letterman's nightly lists, it got the gears cranking. So now that my few days at my first TCAs have come to an all-too-soon end, I can do a round-up of my own Top Ten Moments!

10. Christmas in July with the cast of American Dad. Fox presented an all-American lunch of burgers, hot dogs, and red white and blue cupcakes while the cast of American Dad performed a live table read of their upcoming Christmas episode (to air in October 2010). I admit I don't watch the show, but I'm always up for a little holiday magic, no matter what time of year, and even if that holiday magic came with a little bloodshed. You'll just have to see the episode to know what I mean, but they screened the third act for us after the live performance, and let's just say, it's not a Christmas episode little kids should be viewing!

9. Chatting about web series, art, and slamming movies with Michael Stahl-David. I got my official interview with him about My Generation and then had about fifteen minutes before my next one was scheduled. So he just hung out with me, and we chatted about all sorts of random things. And I came thisclose to explaining how my friend Natalie once drew Roselyn Sanchez as the Cloverfield monster. But I refrained. Score one for professionalism!

8. The chicken and waffle station at the CBS party. Sure, I smelled like honey all night and I managed to get powdered sugar on my top, but it was well worth it. It was the night I got accustomed to eating every three hours, as is TCA tradition, and I can't pretend I minded! And the funny thing is, I usually don't like to eat at these things because I'm too preoccupied with trying to find people to chat with.

7. Cloris Leachman telling all of the reporters who asked her questions to stand up. One reporter even pointed out that the character she will play this fall on Fox' Raising Hope drifts in and out of senility and wondered aloud if that was what was happening on stage. But I just found her to be a laugh riot. She switched seats, interrupted the other actors, and seemed to only be half-joking that she was "f***ing sick of Betty White" Spitfire!

6. Matt LeBlanc sporting his natural gray and still rockin' the 'How You Doin?' That says it all, no?

5. A coffee break with the cast of Modern Family. Everyone but Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who was wrapping a play in New York, mixed and mingled with reporters over chocolate chip lattes and hazelnut cappuccinos. I personally got to grab a couple of minutes with Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Ariel Winter, Nolan Gould, and Rico Rodriguez, and it was nice to see that so many Emmy nominations didn't go to their heads!

4. Swag! Let's face it: I go to these things for the free food, the celebrities, and the random items from new shows. The stuff is never anything you need but can be fun nonetheless. And regardless of the fact that I don't need more crap around my desk, I took every last piece of it and loved every last minute. The Pretty Little Liars journal? Sure, why not? An animation tote bag filled with pins? Okay, that might be useful. Glee sodas in flavors like cream soda and berry lemonade with the kids' faces on the labels? Yes, please!

3. Finally getting to meet a New Kid. Sure, Jordan Knight was my favorite when I was a kid, but let's face it, Donnie Wahlberg has the much more impressive career. Did you see him on Boomtown? He pretty much solidified he can do anything after that. And I didn't just get to meet him in passing; I got to spend a good few minutes interviewing him and then taking a photo with him, and he was The. Nicest. Guy!

2. Aisha Tyler on the Archer panel. It was the last panel of the day during FX' presentations, and after a week of these things, the few journalists who were actually still left sitting in the ballroom were practically zombies. But she kept things lively with amazingly witty off-the-cuff quotables and then even ReTweeted some of my Tweets from the panel. So naturally she made a pretty low-key, no-nonsense day a little more memorable.

1. The flourless chocolate cake. I may be going through withdrawal already.
(No picture available because I ate it all)

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