Thursday, August 12, 2010

Veronica Palmer for President-- Err, Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager!...

Okay, look: I'm the first one to say a show should end before it fades from the pop cultural importance. It's why I wanted Supernatural to go out in season five, as Eric Kripke always originally intended. It's also why I think The Office should just end when Steve Carrell leaves. However, NBC is staunchly pushing forward, adamant to keep the cash cow mooing for as long as possible, even if it means risking an eventual finale as polarizing as the Seinfeld one or as hated as the Will & Grace one.

Knowing that, I took some time last month to consider who could make a good replacement for Carrell-slash-Michael Scott. But I am remiss to say that I left my current front-runner off the list back then. Today the interwebs began buzzing about Portia de Rossi taking over once Carrell bows out. But I say why not take it one step further? Why not have de Rossi as Veronica Palmer* take over?

With the sudden and somewhat unjustified cancelation of Better off Ted, de Rossi and Palmer never got their farewell. But what if that was because Veridian was caught up in some sort of scandal? Maybe Enron/AIG/Lendl style; maybe one of their products turned some puppies green or something. Whatever; the bottom line is Veridian dismantled, and Palmer had to find a new gig. Exit Michael Scott and enter Dunder Mifflin, and she has a whole new floor of minions to baffle and be better than.

And how great would it be to see a guest spot by Jay Harrington??

Take a look at de Rossi in action as Palmer below. She seems like she'd fit in perfectly in Scranton, no?

*For those who missed out on the comedic brilliance that was Better off Ted, ABC's dysfunctional workplace sitcom, I am not going to tell you who Veronica Palmer is; I'm simply going to tell you to go get the DVDs and find out for yourself. She's phenomenal, and the first season was being sold at Target for, like, six or eight bucks!

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