Friday, August 6, 2010

Why I'm Agro Today: Missing My Calling As A Music Video Director...

I used to want to direct music videos. In high school, I used to create photo montages set to specific tunes, and I considered that a stepping stone. But furthermore, I used to create full story boards for well-known, commercial numbers that I would hear on Z100 or whatever. All I was really doing was creating a narrative, so I guess you could say I wanted to write music videos more than anything else. But that's just semantics.

Sometimes to this day I still find myself doing it. I connect with a particular song, and I can see it play out like a mini-movie in my head. I get so excited about it that I eagerly await the actual video, as if somehow I can transfer my thoughts through telepathy. And if that worked, then I'd be pissed that I wasn't getting credit/paid.

But of course it never does. And then I'm upset that what was released instead didn't live up to my expectations. Most recently-- and I should point out this doesn't happen often anymore, so when I got inspired with this one, it was like an unexpected care package turning up on my doorstep!-- it occurred with Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie" video. The song itself sets up such a great, poignant narrative, and he is such a masterful storyteller in general that I felt good about it.

But the video leaves a lot to be desired. The FX throughout the chorus are lackluster, and I would blame the recession, but I think all the money went to the casting choices for the "couple." And for that, it is truly a shame. Because although I think we've all had moments where we want to slap Megan Fox, she isn't necessary here. And I hate to say it, but Dominic Monaghan is really not necessary. Eminem has proven himself a more than capable actor; he should have just put himself in the narrative as he has done so many times before. It is a personal story after all, and it would have been much more poignant hearing the words fly out of his mouth in the midst of the scene, instead of in a far removed field (though he does look good in the field).

The relationship, as told in the lyrics, is emotional, tumultuous, and explosive. Both when it comes to the love (or lust) and the arguing. But that isn't conveyed in the video, perhaps because music videos have such a tendency to jump around with space and time and you can't get a sense of why these two are able to exist as functioning adults alone, let alone in any sort of involvement with each other, or perhaps simply because the actors don't actually do anything but shove each other around and gaze into each others' eyes. And that one make-out session was just weird. None of that nearly begins to do justice to what is conjured up from listening to the song along.

File this one under: well, that could have been better!

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