Thursday, September 23, 2010

Everyone Wants To Be A Journalist These Days...

First Bravo sent out a press release for The Real Housewives of Atlanta that talked about NeNe Leakes' foray into entertainment reporting. Really? Why does she have to try to steal my work?? And now Mattel has unveiled the newest in its line of "I Can Be..." Barbie dolls, and wouldn't you know it? She's a damn journalist, too! Now I can have kids as young as three years old hot on my heels!

Unfortunately Journalist Barbie appears to be more "field reporter" Barbie, as she comes in a shockingly pink suit and carrying a stick microphone, as if she works for a local news show. Print is so dead you can find it in landfills alongside rotary phones and beepers.

I wonder how many little girls will really want to buy this one, though. When I was playing with Barbies, I was still young enough that I wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew I loved making up stories, but I'm not sure I knew that you could get paid to do that. And when I got a little bit older, and I kept only a few Barbies (the collectible ones) displayed on top of my desk, I wanted to be a writer, not a journalist. It just seemed more fun. Instead of standing on a street corner for hours trying to get anyone to stop and offer a quote or standing just a bit too close to a fire for safety because it looks better on camera.

But considering most writers sit around in jeans and oversized shirts with too many coffee cups and red-penned pages scattered around, I guess journalism is the more "glamorous" choice. For those who don't know better anyway.

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