Saturday, September 11, 2010

How 9/11 Influenced Mehcad Brooks...

Every year I post something about 9/11. But this time I'm going to let someone else speak out about the events of the day for me.

Mehcad Brooks is from Austin Texas but that doesn't mean that the events of September 11th, which is now nine years behind us, didn't affect him greatly. In actuality he has buddies that joined up after that fateful day, and he considered doing the same. His destiny may have had something else in store for him, but he finds himself now portraying a soldier living and fighting overseas-- a kid who, just like him, was so affected by what he saw on the news that day he wanted to do something about it. You can see Brooks in that role on My Generation starting September 23rd on ABC, but before you tune in, take a look at what Brooks says playing such a role, and honoring such men and women, mean to him:

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