Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joel McHale Says 'What Competition?' to Thursday Nights at 8pm...

Community returns to NBC for an all new (second) season on Thursday September 23rd at 8pm, which unfortunately has become a bit more of a challenging time slot now that CBS has moved The Big Bang Theory there and ABC will also be debuting its new dramatic series My Generation in the eight to nine hour. Admittedly, My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture has been calling My Generation the break out of the Fall 2010 season for sentimental reasons. But Community was a stand-out last season, as well, especially for it's very special stunt episodes. With many more of those promised on the horizon for the next twenty-two, star Joel McHale isn't feeling the pressure of the competition.

"We're going to have a Madonna episode. And a Billy Joel episode. Britney Spears is coming on; she's here now!" McHale joked when My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture visited the set last month.

Community is known for its pop culture parodies (one of the reasons I love it!), and though the also-host of The Soup had a hard time thinking off the top of his head of too many he'd want to tackle, he did mention the NFL Hard Knocks show on HBO, which he admitted to loving. And he mentioned another one from a big summer blockbuster-- but it might not be the one of which you're thinking!

McHale wasn't sure just how much he could give away during the interview, which took place a month before the first new episode was set to premiere. At one point he even had to confer with co-star Danny Pudi (Abed) regarding whether or not he could reveal a massive plot point for Jeff Winger. Take a look below and get psyched for the season premiere on September 23rd!

For more interviews with Community's cast, stay tuned to my Examiner page! Lots of fun stuff is coming up both for the premiere but also a very special homage episode in the early part of the second season.

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