Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kristoffer Polaha Dissects The Ever-Evolving Relationships of 'Life Unexpected'...

Life Unexpected is expanding its cast of characters this season and in doing so they are expanding the relationships-- romantic and otherwise-- for said characters. Series star Kristoffer Polaha took a break from his own blogging over at E! to speak with My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture and tell us what we can expect.

Polaha plays Baze, a character who can always get a girlfriend if he wants one but hasn’t really been emotionally invested before:

“As far as Baze is concerned, Baze with Emma [Emma Caulfield] is making a wholehearted attempt and effort to move on from Cate [Shiri Appleby]. It’s definitely a romantic interest…The dynamic that Cate and Baze have is one thing, and it’s playful…It pops; it has a lot of fire; it’s what I think people really love about the show, frankly. It has that pop, that give and take. And this one [with Emma] is different in the sense that Baze has to deal with a woman who’s mature and really, like, a woman. Cate’s sort of a mess.”

Baze’s roommate and BFF, Math (Austin Basis), may get a girl this year, too:

“You do see Math’s character really, like, blow up, and he goes on a date with a girl, and he really thinks he likes her, and of course my character is involved in that and not in the best way…So you’ll see Math’s character really get fleshed out this year, which is cool.”

Jamie (Reggie Austin), on the other hand, will actually be written out for part of the season due to his contract with another series:

“You’ll see Reggie in the first few episodes, and then he got this other gig, so they made room for him to go do his thing on Desperate Housewives, but he’ll be coming back. So he actually moves out of the bar for a little while and he lives with his mom.”

The guys are still like the Three Musketeers, though the nature of their relationship will actually be more deeply explored this year:

“Every time it’s the guys and me, they’re always sort of ripping me for making stupid choices, and I’m kind of ripping them back, but we have to see why they’re friends, too. And this year we definitely see stuff that happens where these people really care about each other.”

And Baze isn’t the typical dad who is afraid of his daughter dating:

“He is encouraging a Jones [Austin Butler] movement initially, but Lux [Britt Robertson] is reticent to go in that direction for other reasons that I can’t yet really talk about…”

Baze will, however, be more open and affectionate with his daughter this year for a few reasons:

“Brittany and I have really great father-daughter chemistry. We like each other a lot; we respect each other a lot; and it creates this fun dynamic.

“You know when I made a decision? And this isn’t in the text; this is strictly a fun little thing that actors get to do. Last year—if you go back and watch, the first time that Baze shows any sort of affection to Lux is at the courthouse when they hug. There’s some sort of affection on the couch at the end of twelve, when he puts his hand on her head, but it’s always very muted. I made a decision that the minute everyone acknowledges the fact that Lux is legally and biologically his and all that—the minute he feels worthy as a dad—it’s like, Lux is his kid."

Baze’s relationship with his own father (Robin Thomas) may even inform how he reacts to Lux.

“They’ve definitely taken some steps; they’ve had some good talks; they play ball together. It’s a little like water under a bridge.”

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