Friday, September 24, 2010

Live-Blogging The 'Supernatural' Season Premiere...

Supernatural FINALLY returns in just a few minutes, and I will be Tweeting along with the episode. But for those of you who don't like Twitter (and I understand; I resisted, too, for awhile), I will be rounding-up all my thoughts/Tweets and posting them here. I promise they will be more than just "HOT" commentary!

Are you ready? With such high anticipation for the episode, let's hope it can live up!
8:55 pm ... And so it begins...

- T-minus 5 minutes until #TheBoysAreBack and #Supernaturaltakes over my Twitter feed! Don't say I didn't warn you!

- 9:00 on the dot. #TheBoysAreBack

- "One Year Ago" montage makes me remember how much I want the horsemen rings and how much I HATE seeing Dean hurt. #TheBoysAreBack

- Domesticated Dean does look different. Younger. Not as tired. Which is weird considering he's now raising a kid.#TheBoysAreBack

- YAY BEN IS BACK! I caught flack for calling him one of my favorite characters, but he is. Glad they got the same actor, too. #TheBoysAreBack

- Oh no. Dean's hair. Don't comb it down, Winchester!!!#TheBoysAreBack

- "Pest control" is what I think #Dexter should adopt when discussing the work his Dark Passenger does, too.#TheBoysAreBack

- I'm sorry, but I don't like that #Supernatural films on a version of a backlot so often these days. Everything always looks the same!

- Hmm did Dean just wander into #Dexter's kill room, or am I just having a wishful thinking cross-over moment? Someone get on that fanfic!

- What went through your mind when you saw the scratches on the wall? For some reason my mind went to "rugaru." Maybe I just like saying that.

- How long do you think it took Dean to stop salting the windowsills every night before bed at Lisa's? #TheBoysAreBack

- Is that the same dog from "Yellow Fever?" #TheBoysAreBack

DON'T SHOOT THE DOG, DEAN! I thought we were friends! #Supernatural #SPN #TheBoysAreBack

- Lisa knows what she got into with Dean. Knows more than most people. Don't try to change him, biotch!!#TheBoysAreBack

- It's not OCD when you usually turn out to be right. Dean's hunches are as good as Dexter's. Hmm, I sense a comparison essay coming...

- Apparently vampires have something on demons: they can't age. Yellow Eyes on the other hand looks a bit worse for the wear. #TheBoysAreBack

- "You can't outrun your past" but you can burn it to the ground, if you believe Mark from RENT. And I do. I really, really do #TheBoysAreBack

- Oh damn. Only fifteen minutes without Sam? I was kind of hoping for at least half the episode Sasquatch free.#TheBoysAreBack

- I like that Sam is still in plaid. Been to hell and back but some things never change. #TheBoysAreBack

- Heaven? Why would Sam be in heaven? He fell into the pit. You saw him. Dean, you've become rusty!!! #TheBoysAreBack

- NOOOO I hate it when they slice their own arms!#TheBoysAreBack

- Who had 20 minutes in the "When will Dean/Sam hug" pool? Because you just won a really cool prize! #TheBoysAreBack

- It's not any better to let Dean build a life for a year only for him to THEN rush off. He has a kid now. Not cool...assbutt.#TheBoysAreBack

- No. New hunters? No. Veto. Don't like change.#TheBoysAreBack

- Wait, Campbell? Oh I know him! I totally forgot about that casting call. #TheBoysAreBack

- Okay, this is fake, right? Why does Samuel remember him? If Dean was poisoned, can this all just be a side effect of it?#TheBoysAreBack

- Ooh angst face, I like it! #TheBoysAreBack

- Those happy family photos look super photoshopped.#TheBoysAreBack

- Ben's voice is dropping. He's such a little man now. It makes me uncomfortable. #TheBoysAreBack

- Where's the "You told me he was dead" fit, Lisa? No?#TheBoysAreBack

- Good to see Bobby still standing!! (Literally) #TheBoysAreBack

- If Dean's an idiot, what does that make Lisa? Is she just another woman who thinks she can *really* change a man?#TheBoysAreBack

- So... Dean's not even going to say goodbye to the kid? That's a little douchey. #TheBoysAreBack

- When did #Supernatural start calling vampires 'nocturnals?' Is that because of Twilight? #TheBoysAreBack

- This new Campbell kind of looks like Zachary Knighton.#TheBoysAreBack

- The return of Samuel seems to be rendering Bobby unnecessary and that's sad. He's been such a great father figure for five years!

- I think the random tattoo appearing on the bald dude makes him hotter. #YesIKnowHesTheBadGuyHere

- Fredric always sounds like he's doing a little Marlon Brando...

- Sam is so wishy-washy. Also, his sideburns look stupid. #pettyreasonstopickontheapocalypsestarter


- I like that the CW has input #Supernatural Season 5 DVD commercials into this season premiere hour. Like we don't already own them!

- Okay, folks, that's it for #ExileonMainSt but I still have lots of thoughts so I'll try to do a round-up post.

Closing Remarks: Well, I knew Castiel wouldn't be in this episode, but that doesn't mean his presence wasn't sorely missed. I was really hoping it would be Cas that would go to Dean, not Sam, even though this has always been a story about two brothers first and foremost. But I miss the Cas and Dean camaraderie and cannot wait to see it return.

Also, I think it was fairly obvious those new hunters Sam has taken up with aren't the best. I mean, part of it is just Mitch Pileggi's awesome "up to no good" face. But also it's Sam, and he always brings trouble. Now the real question is: does Sam know what the deal is or are they using and manipulating him, playing off the "we're family" angle that seems to tug at the boy's heartstrings oh so well?

This may be the unpopular decision but I like that Lisa and Ben aren't gone just yet. It would have been too quick to wrap them up in one episode after Dean dedicated a year of his life to being a part of their family. They need him as much as he needed them. And he's not really a douche who can just walk out on people; he genuinely cares for them, and I would kind of like to see him try to make the relationship work, even when he follows his brother back out on the road. Plenty of parents have to travel for work a lot!

And seriously, Supernatural, if you need a non-threatening little puppy, you don't have to recycle ones from old episodes. My dog Madison is totally available for work!

Thanks for following along and stay tuned for another "feelings" post. Because clearly I had a lot of thoughts-- even if some of them were nitpicky and snap-judgement-y-- and now I need to see if I can make sense of all of them!

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