Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Night TV Tune In...

My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture still does not have a DVR. Yes, you read that right. Call it old-school; call it purist; call it stupid, but it's true. But I understand that many people have much busier lives-- and ones which don't revolve on television-- so this year, instead of just telling you what I will be tuning in for each night, I will also include a secondary listing for what you should be DVRing. Consider this my first true step into the twenty-first century.

(Click on the titles of the shows to be taken to my advance reviews of each season premiere.)

So today is Monday, and that means Showtime still has Weeds and The Big C for a few more weeks. In the ten and ten-thirty time slots, those are still the must-see tune ins. However, if you're on the west coast, you can also watch them (as I do) at seven and seven-thirty, on the east coast feed. This frees up your ten p.m. and allows an extra hour of television watching pleasure. You're welcome.

At eight p.m., How I Met Your Mother returns to CBS with what is being promised to be a season that brings the show back to basics and restarts the quest for the true mother after a season of stand-alone episodes. Tune in for that and because Robin Sparkles will also be making a triumphant return, and then DVR NBC's Chuck which is always good fun, and which you can start watching in the 8:30 half-hour.

At nine, The Event is setting out to truly be "event television" with grounded characters in somewhat unreal situations while Lone Star is bringing the melodrama and big stakes feel of Dallas with a con man twist back to network television. Out of the two pilots, The Event was the stronger one because it raised interesting themes and larger than life scenarios while still creating a world that felt like it could exist outside our own doors. Lone Star is a fun ride, too, but its main character is too tangled up in too many things already, with only more on the way, and he can't quite pull it off. Whether or not being in over his head is an intentional feeling from the pilot still remains to be any point. No rush to the proverbial watercooler (or the very real Twitter) with this one. DVR it and watch it whenever.

And at ten on the west is returning fan favorite Castle, which is full of fun and the flirty nature that everyone has come to love. Since the internet buzzes with tales of Beckett and Castle often before the episodes even air, this is the one to watch "live" so you don't get spoiled. And you can DVR Hawaii Five-0 which although more of a retelling than a remake, more than lives up to the hype.

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