Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Night TV Tune In...

Sunday is the night of Dexter. Let's just get that one thing straight.

My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture will be tuning into Dexter during the six o'clock hour since we have the east coast feed of the program, but I will also be tuning in at nine when it airs "locally." I may even watch the episodes again in between. But I'm a fangirl so...

At eight o'clock, The Amazing Race will return, dragging its heels after losing the Emmy to Top Chef but attempting to liven things up with a new twist during each leg of the race. It's worth tuning into simply for the beautiful scenery you'll still get snippets of while squawking teammates still hem and haw over language barriers, slow transit, and misread clues.

Of course the eight o'clock half-hour also offers animated phenomenon The Simpsons, but seeing as how that show has been on for a hundred years, you can DVR that and watch it as you drift off to sleep later in the night.

To watch at nine p.m.-- for those who aren't into serial killers, that is, is Boardwalk Empire, which is an amazing period piece of scripted drama that is single-handedly reminding audiences why "it's not TV; it's HBO." For that hour, you will be transformed into another time; another place; another world. Meanwhile, you can DVR Desperate Housewives, which isn't nearly as smart but is still a fun, somewhat campy hour in which you can let go and relax and get sucked into others' problems for a change.

At ten is HBO's returning Eastbound & Down about a broken down baseball player who decides to get back in the game down in Mexico. It's a short, simple comedy that is a nice way to round out your evening and start your work week on a light-hearted note.

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