Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Night TV Tune In...

In college Thursday nights were the nights most would head out to bars, pubs, clubs, or frat houses. But they were the nights My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture would stay in. Not with books but with television. Especially with strong comedic television. Back then it was the tail-end of the NBC sitcom era of Friends and Will & Grace. These days, many years post-graduation, not much has changed...except the comedies are less traditional and all apparently opposite each other. Thursday night TV is proving to be my Everest!

(Click on the titles of the shows to be taken to my advance reviews of each season premiere.)

Thursday nights at eight p.m. This is the big one, folks! So many strong returning shows opposite so many great new ones. No reason to believe this is going to be the popular choice, but here goes... My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture should be watching The Big Bang Theory live. After all, it is the only one of all of the options that the network (CBS) does not put on demand or online right after. So since I don't have a DVR, if I don't watch live, I won't get to see it. Smart move on their part. But there's one show-- and we'll get to it in a minute-- that speaks to me so much more that I am willing to wait for the DVDs with this one.

For those of you who do have DVRs, you might still want to catch this one-- or NBC's Community-- and the 8:30 30 Rock live because they are quick, fun ways to unwind after a long day at work.

Meanwhile, what I'll be watching live, but most of you will probably DVR, is My Generation. There really is nothing like this new gem from Noah Hawley on television right now. It follows a diverse and large cast of characters and is a true character study that focuses on relationships (both romantic, as well as platonic friends) and how they grow and change over time. It feels so real, it's like spying on your neighbors or distant relatives or long lost friends.

And do you have extra DVR space? Because Vampire Diaries is a need to see, as well, and unfortunately they don't put their shows on demand or online next-day. You won't want to miss the conversation on this one, either!

After that exhaustive hour, get lost in the action-packed world of Nikita on The CW, which I admit I wasn't sold on from the pilot, but it has only gotten stronger in the subsequent episodes. It's a strong retelling that feels fresher than the originals on opposite it. Though you definitely should DVR The Office for if no other reason than it's Steve Carell's final season and your last twenty-two episodes of chance to hear him crack "That's what she said" jokes.

The ten p.m. slot should be reserved for the wacky, somewhat irreprehensible acts of the Paddy's Pub gang on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Each season they seem to top themselves with anti-hero acts, and this one is no different-- from making fun of a pregnant woman to exploiting marriages and divorces.

At ten-thirty, you can start catching up on all of the programs you DVRed from the eight o'clock. Because other than the second-half of yet another installment of The Real Housewives which there really needs to be no rush to see, there's nothing else on.

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