Friday, September 10, 2010

The Top 5 Current TV Couples Who Should Be Your Relationship Role Models...

For those of you who have read my book, you know all too well which television couples were my guides for what good relationships were supposed to look like. And you know the fact that I looked to television for that in the first place. Well, just because the years have gone on, and the shows have come and gone, doesn't mean my behavior has changed. It just means that the faces of my examples these days look a little different. So who do I think are the current fictional couples who are relationship role models? Well, I'm glad you asked!

5) Dean and Sam Winchester, Supernatural - Okay, let me preface this by saying I am not a slash fan. I do not secretly think these guys are gay, let alone gay for each other, nor do I think incest is ever okay. But the familial love they do have for each other is inspiring nonetheless. Fake Dean from "The Real Ghostbusters" said it best: "To have a brother who would die for you...who wouldn't want that?" With so many tales of bratty sibling rivalry around, it's nice to see one where they not only bring their own extended, off-beat, non-traditional family together but also their fandom!

4) Tom and Lynette Scavo, Desperate Housewives - For a couple on a primetime soap, they have felt extremely grounded in reality. Sure, they faced a lot of potential heartbreak all in a very short period of time, but even with the crazy antics around them, they never strayed from each other. And when Tom found himself wanting to explore a new side of himself, Lynette didn't tell him to suck it up or offer an ultimatum, she stepped up and let him follow his dream. It only brought them closer together. And that just may be a soap opera first! They set a strong, positive example for their kids, their neighbors, their friends, and their audience.

3) Marshall and Lily Eriksen, How I Met Your Mother - They were still just kids when they met, but they have managed to grow together. Yet, they also maintain their childlike goofiness which keeps their relationship fun and light-hearted. Even so many years later, they still don't like spending nights away from each other, and they've proven they can weather good times and more rough ones and come out the other side even more devoted to each other.

2) Coach and Tami Taylor, Friday Night Lights - They might just be the most real couple of television today. The show doesn't shy away from showing them fight or exhibit normal, every day marital problems like keeping secrets from each other. And by being so open, they eventually have to open up to each other and air out all of their issues and grievances. Watching them go through what they do and still make their relationship work should give anyone cause to believe they can do it, too. And they don't just make coupledom look good, but they make parenting look it as well.

1) Jim and Pam Halpert, The Office - He said he knew he wanted to marry her from the first time he met her...when she was engaged to someone else. And instead of creepily stalk her or try to break up her then-relationship, he settled for being her friend. And in that platonic relationship their deep bond really formed. They got to know each other as people and found they really did have a ton in common and could make each other laugh and feel good. It wasn't all about a physical attraction. And that's why they are meant to last. Like a tee-shirt I found online, I, too, live vicariously through Jim and Pam.

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