Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tracking Misha Collins from the Comfort of a Beach Chair...

Today Supernatural's Misha Collins took part in a marathon out in Mississippi to raise money for his new non-profit, Random Acts. I awoke this morning at 8am, thrilled to find that Collins had tweeted a link to some sort of GPS device in his shoe or whatever so that his loyal fans and supporters (I "ponied up" with a flat donation but made the promise that if he completed the run, I would match the donation again on Monday) could follow along online. And so I set out to Malibu beach as planned, eager to follow along on his progress.

I expected just to refresh the link every half-hour or so, to see how much the little blue line that represented Collins had extended in that time. However, Collins offered something better: from the man who usually only Tweets once every few weeks came a seeming barrage of photos and even a couple of videos from the road. Running can be awfully boring, and maybe Collins was just punchy...but his ability to multi-task in this way certainly put me to shame!

Collins ran a marathon on this holiday weekend; I sat around and read; what did you do??

But Collins did inspire-- or at least remind-- me to sign up once again for the AIDs Walk Los Angeles. Taking part on Sunday, October 17th, Madison and I will be walking the six-point-something miles (and for us, that is a lot!) once again. Please consider sponsoring us and aiding the efforts to find a cure!

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