Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Night TV Tune In...

Tuesday night is the second toughest night of television for those without DVRs. So much so that by the end of the month, My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture might have to suck it up and have Time Warner send one over after all. There is a lot of good stuff on Tuesday night, and even more stuff that is just plain trendy and which, if you miss, you will truly be missing out...on a pop cultural phenomenon. Let me try to break down what you need to be sure to catch.

(Click on the titles of the shows to be taken to my advance reviews of each season premiere.)

At eight p.m. Glee returns to FOX and let's just say, if you don't at least watch for the musical numbers, you will be sorely missing out. But since the musical numbers (and Sue's scenes) are really the only things that are must sees, you might as well DVR this one and just fast forward to the good stuff. That means you should be watching The Biggest Loser live. That is feel good television at its best: it will make you smile, make you cry, and inspire you to make changes in your own life-- regardless of whether or not they have to do with losing weight. But you should also be sure to catch No Ordinary Family, which you can do by watching online the next morning or DVRing as well. This family drama features intrigue and suspense on the human level, as well as the supernatural; it has a stellar cast and just enough surreal elements to pique the interests of fanboys everywhere.

At nine, The Biggest Loser will still be on. It's a two-hour show from week to week, so if you're watching live, you'll still be stuck on NBC here. But Life Unexpected is the little show with a lot of heart that deserves to soar in its ratings the way the viewers' emotions soar while watching. After the first thirteen episodes, the audiences knows who all of the characters are and how they fit in with the others, and now we can shift our focus onto great plots, such as new relationships, struggles with success at work and school, and fun antics like basketball games and all-day concerts.

Finally rounding out the night at ten p.m. are second seasons of The Good Wife and Parenthood. This one is a toss-up, and honestly depending on my mood, I might switch back and forth from week to week. The Good Wife is an extremely smart, strong drama that focuses on family and the legal world, while Parenthood is a quirky, smart drama that focuses primarily on familial issues. Both have great casts and can make you think about different things. But regardless, both are more than worth tuning into.

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Jaime said...

Get a DVR!

I never watch anything live; I wait at least a half hour so I can fast forward past the commercials. Glee was must-watch TV at first for me last year, but now I'll only be watching for the musical numbers, and for Brittany.

As for the 10 PM dilemma, mine is a Parenthood/Sons of Anarchy dilemma, though SOA tends to win out and I watch Parenthood the next day. (I record them both).

My biggest problem is Thursdays at 8. I watch something on EVERY NETWORK at that time on that night. It's ridiculous. And I can't give anything up! Can't? Won't.