Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Ponied Up, Now Will You Stand Up?...

The annual Stand Up To Cancer telethon is airing this Friday, September 1oth, ironically on what would have been my mother's sixty-first birthday. All of the major networks will be putting their regularly scheduled programming on hold to air this special, during which celebrities will answer phones and take your donations, as well as speak out in support of survivors. And a few will even perform live!

Yes, a few of us-- cough, Jim Beaver-- may be strapped from pledging per kilometer for Misha Collins' Random Acts marathon, but this cause is too great to ignore. You can give a flat donation, or you can purchase an item from their merchandise store, where proceeds from the sales also go to collaborative cancer research. At the very least, you have to tune in on Friday!

Who are you standing up for?

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