Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Night TV Tune In...

Tonight the eight o'clock hour offers Better With You at 8:30, a charming family sitcom about three generations worth of relationships and how they relate to each other. It is sweet and cute and definitely worth a look. Normally I would say to DVR it, but Wednesday nights are fast coming behind Thursdays as the new strong night of comedy, and you don't want to delay moments to laugh when you're only mid-way through the week and may be feeling like it's dragging! What you can DVR, though, is the eight to nine hour's Undercovers, a fun Mr & Mrs Smith type husband-wife assassin team drama that is full of action, suspense, and even more heart.

Nine p.m. really offers no competition. As much fun as it is to listen to Gordon Ramsay scream at wannabes on Hell's Kitchen, that can easily wait. What can't, however, are the humorous stylings of Modern Family and Cougar Town. Both shows started strong last fall but only hit their strides and flew through the end of their first seasons higher than any comedies in a long, long time. They're the reason ABC has a shot at their own comedy night the way that NBC owned Thursdays for so long.

At ten, though, you'll want to switch gears a little bit and head over to FX for their colorful PI dramedy Terriers. This show is not at all what it appeared to be from the promotional materials; it is so much stronger and smarter and quirkier! Each week brings a mini mystery and a lot of real heart, rounding out the night of true characters.

And while you're watching FX you should be DVRing the always ridiculous and indulgent Real World/Road Rules Challenge on MTV. Each season the show features all new, young punks who you don't recognize and make you wonder just when you grew up and passed the acceptable audition age range for such a show. It works for the most self-deprecating of television viewers.

Or maybe that's just me. Top Chef Just Desserts on Bravo is truly worth a DVR slot, too, so you can watch it right before bed because let's face it, a little cake and ice cream is the perfect way to top off any evening!

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