Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catch Up With 'Life Unexpected'...

Can you believe how fast the fall TV season is flying by??

Life Unexpected, which The CW gave thirteen episodes for its second season, is hitting the mid-way mark tonight with episode 206. Though late last week the network ordered two more scripts, bringing the total to fifteen (for now), there is no guarantee those will get put into production. But
My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture certainly hopes they-- and then some-- make it to my television screen.
I've been working hard to bring you guys at least one (but usually two or three) unique features on our little show that could every week since season two premiered. It's a way to spread the word, albeit slowly, in that "tell a friend to tell a friend way" with which past CW programs have had such success (*cough, looking at you, Supernatural). I don't want to take credit, but something seems to be working. The ratings are increasing, even if really, really slowly. The hammer hasn't come down yet, even when other networks have been axing similarly performing shows without even a seeming second thought. Everyone involved in this show are genuine about wanting it to succeed and adamant that the story they are telling is more than worthy of being seen. They go above and beyond by Tweeting along with episodes, interacting with fans via Facebook during down time on set, and they still keep a sense of humor during what could otherwise be a tense time. The show publicists, and the actors I've requested, have all been phenomenal about not only giving me their time but chatting openly about the show and the direction their characters and story lines are taking. Did you miss an article*? Catch up now!

*All articles are in descending chronological order.

Whew, that was more than I even realized! But if there is anyone you still want to hear from, feel free to request them in the comments below.

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Cristal said...

Thanks for this Danielle! I was hoping for a way to see it all in one place. You've done an amazing job and have contributed to much of it's success. Magnificent blogger/journalist for such a great show that is so underestimated! Keep it up!