Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cutest Kids In Town Part 2...

Last week My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture took at a look at the cutest (and most talented), in my not-so-humble opinion, working child actors on television today. But since the discussion was about how they can hold their own opposite actors triple their ages, no one who wasn't yet talking and walking was considered. And that wasn't really fair. Because television today also has some of the cutest infant working actors, too.

The parents of the little baby who is portraying Harrison Morgan on Showtime's Dexter don't really want their child heading down the stereotypical road of so many child stars, so they are working with the network to keep their child's name private. It's a smart move in many ways; after all, he is such a cute little kid I find myself wanting to head down to Long Beach just to bite his little cherubic cheeks on-set! He has this bad habit of looking at the camera, but it's hard to fault him too much; he's just a little heartbreaker who knows how to mug already! And his smile rivals Michael C Hall's in how it melts your heart-- just in a slightly different way.

I don't know who plays the former Princess Beyonce-- err, I mean Hope Chance on Raising Hope but she was my favorite character from the new FOX fall pilot. Admittedly since then the others have won me over, too. But sweet Hope still holds a very special place in my heart because she has such an innocent, expressive little face, and it is fascinating to watch her respond to the insanity around her. On the show, the Chance family bribed her with sugar cubes to teach her to crawl, and watching scenes like the one in the shed or the one where she smiles only at select people, I have to wonder what the production team used to get her to respond the way she did! Because her reactions were spot-on and completely priceless.

Stevie Ray Botwin/Avi Newman on Weeds looks like a full-grown person in just a compact size. Look at how piercing his eyes are and that full head of hair! When the show first resumed with the clan on the run, I assumed they had put a little disguise on him with a toupe or at least some hair dye, but no, this appears to actually be the kid's natural state. His cherubic little cheeks and sweet and quiet disposition don't seem to fit in with his TV family, but those are the exact things that make him the perfect little actor-in-training.

Little Jayden and Ella Hiller are twins who share the on-screen duties of Lily Pritchett-Tucker on Modern Family. The kid is so cute she manages to draw laughs just from her serious little looks to the camera while her on-screen dads are doing something particularly ridiculous, like dressing her up as Diana Ross, playing Lion King with her as baby Simba, stealing another child's blocks to create a false achievement, or locking her in their car. The character is the go-to for all of the other family members whenever they are feeling sad or unnecessary, and in "real" life, they are so popular they have over six thousand followers on Twitter. Damn, I need to hang with these two!

Mainstream audiences never got to meet [spoiler alert] Charlie Marks, Dawn and Rolly's daughter on My Generation; ABC pulled the show off the air before the infamous birth episode could introduce her to the world. But My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture got to screen a rough cut, and let me tell you, she was adorable! Considering she was only supposed to be a few hours old when we first "met" her, she wasn't all that expressive yet, but it was obvious she was a little star in the making. And I, for one, was curious to see how the show handled her presence because if there was ever a time to use cute kids to their fullest, it is now! Showrunner Noah Hawley has been taking meetings to find the show a new home, so hopefully y'all will get to meet her soon, too!

And of course, a long time favorite is little Maggie Simpson (from the titular Simpsons), who over two decades has only uttered one word, still doesn't walk and isn't potty trained, but still might be the second smartest in that family!

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