Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Coming For Your Job: Hollywood Auction Edition...

"Film [and TV] inspires what we look like, who we aspire to date, what we wear, where we travel; it's very influential in our society."

Joe Maddalena has the coolest job in the world. As the President of Profiles in History, a Hollywood auction house, he gets to spend his days digging through archives and traveling around the world looking for long-lost gems from film and television's past. And sometimes he even gets to work hand-in-hand with current studios or productions to hand-select items that will go into auctions when that show comes to an end. Now he is also the star of his own docu-series, Hollywood Treasure, which will begin airing on the SyFy network at the end of the month. For anyone who wishes as much as I do that you could be a fly in the wall of his offices, this show is certainly for you!

During a phone interview about the show Maddalena, who has been featured on television quite a number of times in his twenty-five year career, said this new show makes him "really happy because the things that I love are finally being taken seriously."

What are those things? Well, film and television memorabilia, of course, but also the stories they tell: "I'm a big believer in the untold stories of Hollywood-- you know, the people who work behind the camera: the set decorator, the costume designer. These people do so much but nobody knows who they are. But then [through the memorabilia] you see their work!"

Maddalena started in the business of finding and selling historical documents, like letters from President Washington and musicians Mozart an Beethoven. It was his own personal hobby to start collecting film memorabilia, and usually only when it had a tie-in to a particular to a literary work. It wasn't until the mid-nineties (Maddalena credits the opening of Planet Hollywood) until it became "popular" to want to collect movie memorabilia.

And I thought I was the only one who appreciated the crunchy delicious mozzarella sticks, savory sweet brownie ala mode, and awesome life-size replicas of the Terminator and Jurassic Park skeletons of Planet Hollywood!

"I was fortunate that I got hooked up with Planet Hollywood in the beginning, and when they were sourcing material, because I knew them, I was one of the people they came to," Maddalena explained. "I had my first auction in 1996, and I just kind of did it as a sideline to my normal business, but over the years, it has developed into what it is today."

You may remember that now they even do themed auctions or auction events revolving on one show, as they did for ABC's LOST.

And watching Hollywood Treasure mimics the adrenaline ride of such an auction event. The show makes
My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture want to be around these people and these things. There is so much history there, but so much passion and creativity, too. It takes the best parts of research and combines them with a child-like enthusiasm and intense energy. And for me, that breeds the best of everything.

Maddalena credits his co-workers within the premiere episode for the heart and soul of his work and admits without them he wouldn't be able to accomplish half of what he does. I humbly submit my resume to join said team. What I wouldn't do to get my hands on so much television memorabilia (because Lord knows, I can't afford to purchase it)!

So, Maddalena, in case you are reading this, I will work for the following items:

- Dexter blood slides in wooden box (a few versions were made since he destroyed one version and another was taken into evidence when he framed Doakes. I will take any version.)

- Picture frame from around the keyhole on Monica's apartment door (Friends)

- Zack Morris' cell phone (Saved by the Bell)

- Lux' bong lamp (Life Unexpected)

- John's journal, Dean's collection of fake IDs and badges, and a hexbag from Supernatural

That's not too much to ask, right? My list could have been sooo much worse!

And stay tuned to my Examiner page for more from Maddalena, as well as an advance review of his new series!

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