Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Supernatural' Saturdays: A Little Dean Winchester, Just For Me!...

Just when I thought I wouldn't have any official material for 'Supernatural Saturdays', look what showed up in my mailbox!

You may recall that a few months ago I ordered a subscription series of custom action figures. The first one to be delivered was Supernatural's Castiel, just as we meet him in "Lazarus Rising," which was surprising to most considering how much of a Dean, and Jensen Ackles in general, fan I am. But fear not that I have switched loyalties when it comes to Winchesters or anything: Dean was the second action figure I ordered, and now he has arrived!

Above you see him, in all his awesome and detailed glory. Posed holding a shotgun in his famous black jacket (and wearing his amulet, if you look closely enough), it is as if he was plucked right out of another season four favorite episode of mine: "Are You There God, It's Me Dean Winchester."

Admittedly, his head arrived a little loose after being tossed around by the post office, but now it's kind of like I have two creations in one: an action figure and a bobblehead. And that makes him all the more alert as a little security guard. Dean stands strong on my new ladder-like slanty bookcases, gun poised and ready to take out anyone who dares to move (or steal) my stuff. So far the only one who has tried is my little dog Madison, who likes to attempt to climb up what he probably considers just very big stairs. I can't quite tell if Madison is attempting to go directly for Dean, though. But I wouldn't blame him if he was. For one thing, Madison is used to being the man of the house and the watch dog. For another, though, Dean does make a really awesome toy, and Madison probably just wants him for himself!

Sorry, puppy; he's all mine!

And since this is only figure two of my six-figure series, which character do you think will be arriving next? Leave your guesses in the comments; the answer may surprise you!


Susan Fernando said...
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Susan Fernando said...

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Hannah Carter said...
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