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'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Live Free or Twi-Hard" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- I love it when #Supernatural brings back characters we thought were a flash in the pan, long gone. Now where the hell is Missouri? #BiteMeDean

- Heh. Kristen. Lemme guess; you're Rob, right? #BiteMeDean

- Anyone surfing onto The CW right now who isn't familiar with #Supernatural is going to think its the most ridic thing ever. #BiteMeDean

- IS THAT JOE???? #BiteMeDean!

- Sorry, Lisa; I like you and all but Dean's home is the Impala. #BiteMeDean

- Not all girls had posters of vampires on their walls, misunderstanding dad figure; some of us had posters of Jensen! #BiteMeDean

- I like Mitch Pileggi but I much prefer the boys calling Bobby for help. Even though Bobby made it clear how that makes him feel last week.

- Emo and goth are completely different things, Dean; GOD! Don't you watch #SouthPark? #BiteMeDean

- Sam stop being such a wuss; you've taken on more than three demons at a time before. Hell, you've taken on more than three vampires before!

- The Bieber line might have been overkill. After all, why does Dean know so much about teen heartthrobs?? #BiteMeDean

- Okay the "Mmmbop" line was awesome, though. #BiteMeDean

- Yay, @JoeUgly!!! Jensen IS pretty; you, sir, have good taste. #BiteMeDean

- Oh Sam, stop wanting your big hero brother to be as damaged as you and just effing save the day for once. #sooverforeheadsdrama #BiteMeDean

- I would like to reiterate that if vampires mate for life I volunteer to turn alongside Dean. #BiteMeDean #noreallybiteme

At one point I got close to dean & he said "u sick f*ck" RT @danielletbd Yay, @JoeUgly!!! Jensen IS pretty; you, sir, have good taste.

- @JoeUgly-- That better make the DVD blooper reel! Great to see you in this episode; The CW kept it a surprise & it was definitely a fun one!

- Aw, Dean, you're not dying. In fact, now you're living FOREVER. #BiteMeDean

- Even "changed" Dean has his sharp hunter skills & his usual sense of humor. He's sooo much better than Sam! #BiteMeDean

- Wait, if not #Supernatural, what show was it where they turned a vampire back by killing the head vampire? #ohgoditwasportcharleswasntit

- Ooh Sam is drifting in & out of consciousness w/i his own body, yes? I hope Jared can pull off the duality as Jensen has before #BiteMeDean

- Dean is the perfect recruiter. Seriously: vampires, Scientology; I'd follow him anywhere. I'm sure I'm not alone in that. #BiteMeDean

- A few weeks ago I wrote that Dexter Morgan & Dean Winchester are the same. Even Dexter has had a syringe mishap or two. More evidence!

- Gained few new followers. In the past 45 mins of Tweeting#Supernatural I lost them all. How did they not know what they were getting into?

- If Jensen wasn't a lead, that cure probably would have turned out to be Samuel showing his true colors & screwing him. #BiteMeDean

- Okay new poll: Dean learning Sam just stood there better or worse than when Dean learned Sam drank demon blood? Discuss! #BiteMeDean

- Oh good. Another unresolved issue that they won't talk about now but will probably cry over later. #BiteMeDean

- Shooting the car driving out of the parking lot through the metal gate reminded me my summer vampire guilty pleasure: #TheGates. #BiteMeDean

- And while #Supernatural is fresh in your mind: vote for the boys to grace the cover of TVGuide!

Closing Remarks: Before the "Live Free or Twi-Hard" episode of Supernatural aired on the west coast, I saw a lot of chatter online about how it was quite the controversial episode. Not for the fun it poked at all things pop culture-- from tween sensation Justin Bieber to past tween sensation Hanson to those damn Twlight kids (and yes, that is how I will always refer to them from now on)-- but for the revelations about just how changed Sam may be and just how emotionally closed off Dean may be. But personally while I'm glad to see some movement on those fronts, I don't find it particularly all that shocking.

We've known since the season five finale that something wasn't quite right with Sam (Jared Padalecki). I mean, who just stands on a street corner outside someone's house and stares in through a window if they're not a sociopath or pervert? But the idea that perhaps Sam is inhabiting his own body only some of the time and in flitting out of consciousness while something else takes over momentarily is certainly intriguing. Demons can lay dormant in a host, and while it's probably not Lucifer himself in there, I wouldn't put it past some other cretin to have snuck his way in. Or even made a deal with Sam to enter (because with his anti-possession tattoo, one would think the demon couldn't just take over without an invitation of some sort) in exchange for Sam going back up to Earth. I can't imagine Sam is so stupid as to try to convince Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) that he really didn't have the conversation about the vampire cure; I have to believe that Sam really doesn't believe he had the conversation. And it can't simply be that he doesn't remember; his big ole' forehead is full of research, lore, spells, and Latin much more complex than that! So I have to believe it is because he really does not remember: he was checked out and whatever rode him out of hell, be it Lucifer or another demon, had taken over.

So far it has always been Dean (Jensen Ackles) who has had the opportunity to go up against himself, from dealing with a shapeshifter in his form in an early episode to meeting his future self much more recently. It will be interesting to see how this may be explored: if Sam will notice and try to take hold once, for all, and finally. It will also be interesting to see if Padalecki can pull off what Ackles already has; so far the show has been very good about letting the actors work within their comfortable range, and Ackles' just happens to be wider than Padalecki's. But after five-plus years with the guy, one would assume Padalecki would be ready to step it up. And I, for one, can't wait to see him finally get to!

Dean's moment at the end of the episode, unable to really say anything at all, let alone all he wanted-- or perhaps needed-- to to Lisa (Cindy Sampson) was such a quick snap of a heartstring, too, because it seemed like he was taking great strides toward having the life he always wanted. She knows who he really is and accepts him for it; hell, she is even willing to let him go off and do his job as long as he comes back to her when she can. And yet he still has his doubts; he still feels somewhat unworthy of that love-- like making one mistake means having to turn and walk away rather than push through it. After five-plus years of this damaged guy, I was hoping to see him have more of a breakthrough.

But getting back to the episode as a whole, I for one was extremely thrilled to see Joseph Reitman in the role of the creepy "head of the nest." He was definitely a formidable opponent for Dean, though it did seem like things within that nest happened much too quickly. Vampires must be a very trusting kind: once you have been turned, marked as officially one of them, they are just so quick and seemingly eager to spill all of the secrets and truths! But more than that, after the moment when all of the vampires collapsed and had their "spiritual" or telepathic or whatever the kids are calling it these days moment (which, by the way, to me just resembled that episode of The Simpsons when the Maude statue was built by a gas leak so everyone thought they were having a religious experience when really they were just hallucinating) Dean pulled himself up a bit too easily and with a bit too much strength. He didn't even seem to flinch when slicing the heads off his new brethren, and as they came towards him, they seemed to make his work a bit too easy. I would like to believe this wasn't just a case of needing to wrap up a big bloodbath in a short amount of time, though; I would like to think there is more to the story and we will learn it a little later in the season. After all, they were nowhere near the Alpha, so they still have some bloodsuckers to encounter and kill!

The episode as a whole felt a little bit too "bigger, louder, faster" in the way that so much television is these days merely to keep the attention spans of the Twitter generation. It would have been much more interesting to see Dean stay a vampire a bit longer, simply to deal with the ramifications of the way in which he was changing. As it was, aside from hearing blood pump and having moments of super strength and speed, he didn't seem all that different. And simply knowing that he is a lead character and has to come out of it okay was enough to lower the stakes of those fleeting supernatural moments anyway. If it was a secondary character, for example, who had been turned, that "cure" Samuel gave him might have gone awry and proven to be a a dud or a trick, revealing what still appears to be a darker motive underneath that somewhat creepy-should-still-be-dead old man.

So much time was spent within "Live Free or Twi-hard" on poking fun at a particular pop culture phenomenon that some of the severity of the mythology was sacrificed. As much fun as pop culture references are (and with a website with a name like mine has, you know I love them more than the next viewer), they work best in Supernatural when they are sprinkled in as added flavor for an episode, not when it's an attempt to be the meat of the story. Because although they very clearly set out to make fun of Twilight and the ill-conceived notions it sets forth about love and sex and yadda yadda, in many ways spending so much time on it ended up paying an homage of sorts.

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