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'Supernatural Saturdays': "Weekend at Bobby's" Tweetathon Round-Up...

In the preview package for tonight's episode of Supernatural, "Weekend at Bobby's," director Jensen Ackles said that "luckily" this wasn't a very Dean-heavy episode, so he was able to just hang back and watch the action unfold, rather than have to worry about doing the scene as an actor and then running to watch playback, which can be taxing both time-wise, as well as on an emotional level. Well, My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture doesn't know about you, but nothing about that sounds "lucky"! The best episodes are the Dean-heavy ones!

But with a title like "Weekend at Bobby's," the emphasis will be on Jim Beaver who is incomparable and seasoned in his own right, so it's the second-best thing.
He should have said "Hey this is Jensen Ackles; don't miss an all new #Supernatural DIRECTED BY ME coming up next on The CW"

- Shout out to Texas, Jensen's home state! #DirectedbyJensen

- Yup, I burn the eggs, too, Bobby. #DirectedbyJensen

- Why are people, especially Bobby, still surprised when demons lie to them? #DirectedbyJensen

- Haha love the dial-up sounds. Between that &the blacklight devil's trap, Bobby's house is like stepping back into the 90s.#DirectedbyJensen

- The volume on my TV just shot WAY up. I think a demon did it. #DirectedbyJensen

- I like this inside look into Bobby's life. I really never did think about how Dean/Sam just use him for info before.#DirectedbyJensen

- Is this demon b*tch implying Crowley is the REAL Lucifer?#DirectedbyJensen

- Jennifer Aspen goes up against crazy Terri Schuester on #Gleeand now she may encounter a demon. Which is worse?#DirectedbyJensen

- Hunters lie, too. Especially when you screw with their ability to get laid, right @jumblejim? #DirectedbyJensen

- All these lil inserts are a killer to shoot. Takes hours for few secs of screen time. All the more respect to a 1st timer!#DirectedbyJensen

- "Man, I know what I want for Chanukah." I don't remember Rufus ever having a sense of humor. But I like it.#DirectedbyJensen

- Rufus and Bobby are the new Dean and Sam. But who is who? Discuss. #DirectedbyJensen

- Also, Rufus' aliases are much better than Dean's!#DirectedbyJensen

- Hands up if you will be wearing a tee-shirt that simply says "Balls" on it to #LACon. #DirectedbyJensen

- An outdoor night shoot? If I directed this, I would have nixed that! #Jensenisabadass

- Jennifer Aspen is making a serious play to be in a remake of#Carrie. Also, awwww, poor Bobby! #DirectedbyJensen

- Yes, a LOT of things are more important than Sam, Dean!#DirectedbyJensen

- How long do you think Bobby has had this rant speech stored up? #DirectedbyJensen

- It makes me somewhat uncomfortable when a parental figure needs his or her child to bail him or her out.#DirectedbyJensen

- Can't or won't, Kim Rhodes? Because that seems to be the theme here... First Crowley... #DirectedbyJensen

- Aw Crowley's son isn't cute. Casting fail. #DirectedbyJensen

- "You look like hammered crap." "And you're a vision, as always." Okay boys, just kiss again already!#DirectedbyJensen #iswearimnotaslashfan

- Bobby had many episodes filled with self-loathing. Now it's Crowley's turn. Maybe THESE two are the new Dean and Sam!#DirectedbyJensen

- Characters mocking other characters always makes me giggle. Especially when they have differing accents.#DirectedbyJensen

- In life (spoiler alert) Crowley sold his soul for penis enhancement. So he was more mortal than we ever could've imagined. #DirectedbyJensen

- I love it when I learn something new about how to kill a demon! Mr. Ackles is the best teacher ever!!!#DirectedbyJensen

- (And if I had even ONE teacher who looked like him, I would have definitely shown up to class more!)

- LOL I concur!!! RT @JimHalterman-- @danielletbd I think Jensen learned most of what he knows in Salem.#directedbyJensen #Supernatural

- I thought Dean got over his fear of flying after he and Sam were thrown onto a plane after Lucifer rose? #continuityerror?#DirectedbyJensen

- Damn, Bobby can't even get a pie break? That's just cruel! After last week's "meh" ep IMO, this/he is definitely BACK TO BUSINESS AS USUAL!

- Next week, Dean begins to "turn". And I just have to say, if it's true vampires mate for life I would SO "turn" with him!

Closing Remarks: Being a first-time director is hard enough without having the added pressure of such an intense group of fans who knows the shows ins and outs better than those who have worked on it scrutinizing your every move. But in "Weekend at Bobby's", Jensen Ackles definitely proved he has the chops to switch careers, if he so desires. He was able to take a somewhat off-beat episode and make it flow just like any other one. He stayed true to a lot of the show's usual imagery, including research montages, driving shots, hand-to-hand combat scenes while still putting his original directorial stamp on them. He managed to infuse a blend of humor in, as well. He also took on a tall order of shooting outdoor night sequences, working multiple emotional story lines into the narrative text, and of course, directing himself. If I had to nitpick one complaint, it would be that he tried to change Bobby's catchphrase to "Balls"...but it was a bad weekend for him, and I have a tendency to use that expletive, too, so I can't complain too much.

"Weekend at Bobby's" looked at a side to the universe within Supernatural that I honestly thought we'd never get to see: what goes on when Dean and Sam aren't around. This isn't an episode they could have done when the series was first finding its footing, or even in season four or five (mostly because by then they were too deep in the mythology and greater arc to deviate too far), but I'm glad they got the chance now, even if it feels a bit belated. We all know and love Bobby as a father figure to the boys and a pseudo-Uncle to the audience, but what do we really know about him or how he spends his time between jobs? Not much. Until now. A montage of what happens on an ordinary day trekking out to the library was fun, but what was actually poignant was seeing him answer a variety of different phones as a variety of different people. It really puts things into perspective: Bobby's house is like a hub of communication; he aids hunters all over the country. He is more important to more people than we may have been willing to realize before.

But more than that, seeing how hard Bobby works, and how busy he is and how much he has weighing on his mind, the constant calls from Dean and Sam interrupting him were put into a whole new perspective. We may have never thought he was just sitting around by the phone waiting to aid them, but they really do seem a lot more like petulant children now. I can only imagine how long Bobby had that phone speech stored up! So for that reason, it was somewhat uncomfortable to watch him have to ask them for help. Hell, it was somewhat uncomfortable to watch him ask anyone for help! Because Bobby, even when he was down and out and in a wheelchair, has always been so rough and gruff and take-no-sh*t, and it's tough to see your parental figures as real human beings who need help from time to time instead of the ones who always save the day!

In "Weekend at Bobby's" we got to learn something new about how to kill a demon, too, which after five plus years is something I thought wouldn't be possible!

It's no secret that I wasn't thrilled with last week's episode, "The Third Man", but Ackles did a fantastic job at taking Supernatural back to business as usual. And I cannot wait to watch the episode again!

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