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'Supernatural: Two and a Half Men' Tweetathon Round-Up...

Supernatural is holding strong on its new night, and I am one diehard fan who tunes in live. As promised, I will be Tweeting along with each episode, and if you miss a Tweet (or miss a night) you can always come back here on Saturday mornings to read the round-up of my commentary + bonus thoughts!

- And herrrrre we go! Jensen Ackles just told me not to miss the next episode of #Supernatural and I MUST LISTEN to the hotness #freetheimpala

- Hey lady, babies are not safe on the floor, nor tucked under cramped spaces with hands clamped over their mouths: PROTECT YOUR FAKE BABY!

- Also, the "road so far" previously gave WAAYY too much away about tonight's hunted "thing" #freetheimpala

- Because of Dean, Ben has to move just as much as he did when he was a kid. Does he not see the symbolism?#freetheimpala

- Ben is a bit whinier than when we first met him. I miss the cool 'Zepplin Rules'/Changeling-ass-kicking lil guy!#freetheimpala

- I liked Lisa, too, but now I feel like the writers want us ALL to think she's annoying so we won't feel bad about wanting Dean to leave her.

- Heh. Guttenberg. That reference has come back around recently; he's topical again! #freetheimpala

- If you shoot him, Lisa, I will be by his bedside nursing him back to health. So do it. I dare you. #freetheimpala

- OMG Dean buying baby supplies. My ovaries are aching!#freetheimpala

- Heh. Bobby John. Clever, boys. But Dean crying in the baby's face? Much more clever. #freetheimpala

- Babies are supposed to sense evil in people. Like how dogs do. Yet Bobby John really liked that "woman" in the market.#freetheimpala

- I wish Dean would sing me classic rock lullabies!#freetheimpala

- Where is Sam's laptop? Why is he doing old-fashioned research with papers and archaic things? #freetheimpala

- oh ewww this shapeshifter thing just took a nasty yellow eyes turns #freetheimpala

- Watching the commercials during #Supernatural is more torturous than Dean's time in hell (jury's still out on Sam's time, though).

- Wow, Dean, you ARE rusty. #freetheimpala

- Is it wrong I just heard the opening chords to "Turning Japanese" in my head when they were talking about the shifter baby? #freetheimpala

- And YES I know what that song is really about. Which is why I think it's wrong it's now in my head. #freetheimpala

- Does Samuel's lair have WiFi?#WhenSupernaturalMetNoOrdinaryFamily

- This whole "we'll raise him" scene seems like something out of a dream. Or one of those moments when everyone's eyes will suddenly blacken.

- "It's a boy. Sometimes." I never even thought about that. This poor kid is going to be so CONFUSED growing up!#freetheimpala

- heroine_tv I really love Dean in this episode. Much like the way I love him in every other episode, but possibly a hair more. #Supernatural

- I'm happier than I should be that at least one of the new hunters has already been picked off. #notafanofchange#freetheimpala

- Another moment that would have been cool but the promo photos kind of spoiled it. #freetheimpala

- Just as I was about to wish for two Deans instead...I got it :D It really is Christmas in October! #freetheimpala

- Let's play 'Which Is Better' from tonight's episode: Baby stew or baby as bait. Discuss! #freetheimpala

- Full disclosure: I thought Samuel was shooting the shifter w/ tranq darts b/c he wanted to encage him and study him. I think Samuel is SHADY

- But I get it now that the particular shifter was just too strong to die from mere darts/knives/bullets/etc. Still I maintain Samuel is SHADY

- I love heartbroken, torn apart inside Dean. It sucks to realize youre becoming the one thing you wanted to avoid at all costs#freetheimpala

- Long distance relationships for a hunter? Who knew, right Dean? Lisa has redeemed herself. #THEIMPALAISFREE

- True confession: I want to see Dean teach Ben to drive in the Impala by season's end.

- Episodes like this one prove just how imbalanced the growth between Sam and Dean is. I'm not complaining; I love Dean-centric eps (cont)

- Jensen can act the sh*t out of whatever is thrown at him. But it just leaves you wondering why he has grown so much while Sam... (cont)

- Well Sam still only has worried face and "I screwed up face". And let's face it, they're kind of the same.

- Next week: CAS IS BACK! Ohmigod I can't wait already! Can it be next Friday already?

Closing Remarks: This episode was one of those "all about Dean" episodes once again. Sure there was still some of the mystery of the new hunters and exactly who Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) was talking to on the phone after they had taken down the Alpha-shifter, and sure, there was residual tension between the brothers for their "new" ways of lifestyle. But above anything else, this episode greatly featured the internal struggle of one Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), who went guns-blazing (and quite literally, too) into the hunter lifestyle as a kid and never looked back, even though something deep down inside him always wanted a real family.

Here we have the great role reversal of Sam and Dean, most notably because it is now Sam (Jared Padalecki) calling Dean up to come help him on a case. It is Dean who is at home with a girl and a kid and a "regular" job trying to make a go of it (although not trying to hide who he is or his past the way Sam had with Jessica and his college buddies). In the supermarket, when asked what the baby's name is, Dean says Bobby while Sam says John. The instincts would have been reversed in the early years of the show. That Dean now sees Bobby as his real father figure tells us a lot about how much he has grown in the last year or so that he's been "out" of hunting. Similarly, the fact that Sam now identifies-- or at least is trying to-- with John speaks volumes, too. It is as if he's trying to make up for lost time and make up for all of the mistakes he made: you know, the demon blood, opening the gate, starting the apocalypse, whatevs.

While Dean struggled with the decision of what was the best thing for his new family-- and for himself; after all, if we've learned nothing from this show, we have certainly found out that you really can't fight your destiny-- every element around him seemed to be pointing him to the answer. The episode was chock full of nostalgic nods to moments fans loved from seasons past and little bits of deja vu for the character, which should have led him to the conclusion that on the road, fighting monsters, is where he needs to be. Go back and watch it again and see how many you can count!

Dean is a heartbreaker. In many senses of the word. His love 'em and leave 'em attitude of seasons past may be the most literal, but he is just such a sad, lost, lonely man-child at times that he breaks your heart in other ways, too. The simple fact that he spent the hour torn because he really believed it was one or the other: hunting or his new family, that spoke volumes about just how little he knows about life outside of demons and ghosts. And I, for one, am certainly glad he had a real partner there who would offer him an alternative. Out of all of the characters we've met so far that have been pillars of support for Dean, only Lisa (Cindy Sampson) seems to really know him best, know what is best for him, and be comfortable with it all enough to not to want to change him.

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