Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 5 Pieces of 'Dexter' History I Would Kill (Literally) To Own...

Profiles in History is gearing up for another big auction, this one chock full of SyFy and Back to the Future memorabilia, but it features one item in particular that truly caught My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's eye: a signed script of a season two episode of Dexter.

Sure, that wasn't my favorite season. In fact, out of four seasons so far (and one more currently in progress), that was our second to least favorite. But it is still a piece of the show history nonetheless. And it got me thinking of what items I would want most from the series.

At first I wanted something from the Ice Truck Killer, but recently I went to a toy store and bought my own version of the doll that Brian Moser left on and in his baby brother's fridge, and in this scenario I found the replica quieted the voices telling me I just had to have the item. But for some others, only the exact item will do. Like Dexter himself, I have to make sure I get the right one or my Dark Passenger just won't be calm.

Harrison. Okay I know that's really not an option. I'm sure his parents love him very much. But seriously, he is the cutest baby I've seen in a long time (on television or otherwise)!
Dexter's room bookshelves. Maybe I just like the idea of owning something that has been in Dexter Morgan's apartment. Maybe I just want to touch what he has touched. But I really like the style of this room dividing piece of furniture and know the perfect place for it in my own apartment!
Dexter's Mickey Mouse ears. As a character, Dexter Morgan has always treaded the murky waters of an emotionally stunted man. In many ways, he has not matured past a pre-adolescent sense of self. So seeing him put on the present from his stepchildren seconds before he was planning to tell them their mother was murdered just seemed so fitting. It sounds awful, but the image was just perfect, and it made a memorable scene even more infamous.
The bathtub in which Rita died. Sounds morbid, I know. But it is a really nice looking bathtub in addition to being an iconic piece from the series. At first I thought it would be kind of cool to install it in my actual bathroom should it fit, but in actuality I think it would be cooler to use as a sitting bench in front of a big window or in a corner somewhere. I can fill it with cushions and/or pillows (maybe even red ones) and read in there. Peaceful, no?
Dexter Morgan's trophy wooden box with blood slides. The production made multiple versions of these not only because of the need for duplicates should one get lost, broken, or stolen. But the character also had multiple versions because he had to dump one when he thought the police might be onto him, and he had to use one to frame Doakes in an early season. Which one is worth more? The original from the pilot or the one from the end of season four that would contain Trinity's sample? I'm not sure I want to nitpick the situation because I know how high these would sell for; I just want one!!
If you could pick any item from the set (if money was no option at such an event, like a Profiles in History auction, for example), what would YOU want? If the answer is an autographed script, you may want to register to bid in the Hollywood 42 auction occurring in Los Angeles on November 6th!

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