Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Examiner Round-Up...

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar takes a very "adult" turn on Weeds

The two new men in Castle's life may just prove to be too much for him!

First look: Balthazar Getty and Taryn Manning head to the big island in Hawaii Five-0

Shaun Sipos justifies the Lux/Eric relationship on Life Unexpected

Trouble just seems to find the Powells on No Ordinary Family

Kate Voegele waxes lyrical (get it??) about her appearance on Life Unexpected

Krista Allen talks about her busy (personal and professional) weekend

Danny Pudi: delivering babies and steering troubled space buses home on Community

It's the naked man (but for a good cause) on tonight's Better With You

Smallville's Clark Kent finally readies himself to fulfill his destiny with Lois and as Superman

The final
School Pride Spirit Team interview prior to the show's premiere

Danny Reagan may have some anger management issues, but Donnie Wahlberg has love for everybody!

Behind the scenes with director Jensen Ackles

The CW orders a couple more Life Unexpected scripts

Rubicon's finale airs on Sunday

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