Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where's The Great Pumpkin, TV?...

Halloween is far from over. In fact, in most places it is just getting started. But for the past two weeks various television shows have gradually led up to today with themed episodes featuring all of their power players dressed up in costume...well, technically all actors are in costume when on TV, but you know what I mean! However, there were a few shows that didn't quite ignore the first major holiday of the fall/winter season but still didn't embrace it altogether either. And yet My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture thinks they should have!

Weeds. The Botwin clan is on the run and on the road this season. They need new identities, and in some situations, that also calls for disguises. What better disguise, even for just one day, than Halloween? Anyone can be anyone, and most often people are being other people and things while wearing masks.

Dexter. So this show is kind of timeless in that we never quite know what time of year it is. In Miami the sun always shines and the weather is always warm, you know? But it might have been nice imagery to see Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall) running around town, hunting his monster all the while surrounded by a bunch of civilians dressed up like monsters. Not exactly subtle, but it plays with the idea of just how many are out there and how its impossible for him to catch them all. Plus baby Harrison would make the cutest little pumpkin!

The Big Bang Theory. We've gotten glimpses of these guys all decked out in their superhero finest before. Hell, next week Eliza Dushku is going to guest star as an FBI agent, and that's a bit like a kid playing dress up anyway (really, will people take her seriously as an intelligent, professional woman?). I was severely disappointed to learn these guys weren't going to get out of their lab for the night and head to a costume party. Or at least knock on Penny (Kaley Cuoco)'s door for some free sweets!

No Ordinary Family. Speaking of superheroes, these are reel life ones who could have had some fun creating a haunted house with all of their newfound powers combined! But then again, they have some bigger tasks at hand so...

Better With You. The freshmen comedy already proved it can do holiday fun with a really early nod to Christmas card experiences. Yet perhaps they blew their crazy outfits wad on that episode because for Halloween, they chose to focus on Maddie (Jennifer Finnigan)'s birthday, which always gets overshadowed by the crazy kids' holiday. So there was still a party, just no costumes. And it was fun, but it just missed the mark a little bit when it came to festiveness.

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