Monday, October 4, 2010

Wii with the Stars: Elizabeth De Razzo...

Elizabeth De Razzo is the newest castmember on HBO's prolific comedy series, Eastbound & Down about a "down and out" baseball player currently hiding out in Mexico. Though her character has been introduced somewhat slowly and meekly over the first two episodes of the second season, De Razzo is anything but! She is energetic, lively, and extremely funny, and you will definitely be in for a treat as her character continues to grow over the course of the first season.

De Razzo and I work together in the Los Angeles non-profit IBG Inc, so when she agreed to come take part in My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture's Wii with the Stars column, I knew it would be tons of fun! Sure enough, she didn't disappoint!

Though we talk about some serious topics within this interview, such as getting her big break on Eastbound & Down, stepping behind the camera to produce a PSA earlier this year, and our joint charity work, De Razzo's energy is infectious as she takes me on in Wii Golf, talks about improv with comedy greats, and has a fangirl moment about her dream project(s).

See, you guys? Actors are fans, too! Actors are people, too!

And the real kicker? [Spoiler Alert!] I actually win my first Wii game! See how it all plays out in the video interview below:


Mariko said...

Awesome interview. Best of luck to Liz!

Michelle StarCam said...

Love this show! We recently interviewed Elizabeth De Razzo and she reveals someone who's a huge fan of the show! Check out the video here: ... You're welcome to post it on your site if you'd like. Thanks!