Saturday, November 27, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: Starting with Sitcoms..

Continuing the sitcom theme, Will & Grace’s titular female (Debra Messing) may have been Jewish, but the show did Christmas episodes like none other, starting strongly with season 4’s “Jingle Balls”, in which Jack (Sean Hayes) gets hired to design the Barney’s holiday windows and then believes Santa does them when he draws a blank and Grace steps in. This episode also features the fabulously dry Parker Posey, who is pretty much the antithesis to holiday cheer of any kind.

It’s a toss-up between screening season 5’s “All About Christmas Eve” and season 8’s “A Little Christmas Queer” as the second choice episode for the day. “All About Christmas Eve” is strong for Will (Eric McCormack), Jack, and Karen (Megan Mullally)’s impromptu caroling for hotel employees, but “A Little Christmas Queer” has the laugh out-loud moments of little Jordy (Reed Alexander)’s cookie chugging when he learns his holiday pageant may not actually happen as planned.

Watching Karen go up against Will’s mom (guest star Blythe Danner) to figure out what’s in her signature drink and Will’s niece in regards to jewelry is pretty priceless, too. So on second though, just watch the hotel scenes of “All About Christmas Eve” (the story line with The Nutcracker is almost as boring as that play itself) and then switch on the latter. Just make sure you have a plate of fresh gingerbread cookies so you, too, can eat the feelings being around such a neurotic family may drum up from your own family events.

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