Friday, November 26, 2010

30 Days of Christmas: TV Edition!...

This time last year My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture underwent what many thought was an impossible feat. Always in the Christmas spirit-- even, or especially, in July-- I decided to watch one Christmas movie every day for the month leading up to and including Christmas Day. At first I thought it would be hard to find so many. Then I realized it was actually hard to narrow the list down, even doing Double Feature Fridays. And putting them into themed categories didn’t help so much either.

This year, though, I am sticking closer to my roots. For this year’s 30 Days of Christmas experiment, I will be setting out to watch an episode (or two) of holiday-themed television each day. And if you think this will be easier, take into consideration how many years some of these series have been on, each year doing a different holiday episode. It’s going to prove to be a Sophie’s Choice of sorts to select one over another! But so I set out to try…

(and all of these are ones you can—and should!—watch daily, too. You can find them all on DVD.)

Every year on Thanksgiving, My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture subjects my dinner guests to a marathon of all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes. So it is only right that today, the day after we start in on the Friends Christmas episodes. Today’s viewing pleasure?

Season 7’s “The One With All The Candy” and “The One With The Holiday Armadillo.”

“The One With All The Candy” features Monica (Courteney Cox Arquette) on a mission to get to know her neighbors by baking little chocolate treats and leaving them in a basket at her door. Of course her plan backfires when no one actually learns her name, but it allows us to see Chandler (Matthew Perry)’s crazy bed head, and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) learns the phrase “mob mentality.” So all in all, it's a great piece of television history.

“The One With The Holiday Armadillo” is more the quintessential non-denominational holiday episode. In it Ross (David Schwimmer) has the best of intentions of teaching his son about Hanukkah but the kid just wants a visit from Santa. With no real holiday options left at the costume store, he comes up with a new alternative in a weird, scaly desert creature. Things get even wackier when Santa Claus and Superman show up.

And as a bonus? Season 6’s “The One With The Routine.” To be fair, this is a New Year’s episode, but it is worthy of screening over and over until the first of the year anyway for the Dick Clark mockery and spazzy dancing Monica. I’ve memorized the moves, have you??

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Cynthia said...

Love this idea. I wrote a post about my favorite Christmas TV episodes here:

And I know you have A Very Supernatural Christmas on that list. If you wait a week or so, you can have a Leverage Christmas too!