Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Days of our Lives' Has A Fan In Star Casey Deidrick (Plus, A Poll!)...

So many of the Days of our Lives cast members have been on the show for so many years that their fans have legitimately grown up watching them (like me!). But every now and then a new cast member comes on the show and can say the same thing, too. Such is the case with newly discovered DiMera, Casey Deidrick.

While chatting with Deidrick at the third annual "Day of Days" event at Universal CityWalk this time last weekend, Deidrick admitted to watching the show as a child-- which was quite the difference from co-star Shawn Christian who said his babysitter used to watch but wouldn't cop to tuning in alongside her. Well, I'm glad to be in such good company then!

Deidrick had so much energy for an early morning interview on what was sure to be a very long day, and as I chatted with the other stars, I found they all matched his enthusiasm and excitement. Soap stars definitely love what they do and appreciate their fans! So it got me thinking that I should begin covering the show more. After all, I was once one of the biggest fans (so big I wrote a book about it), and now I have a chance to give back! In consideration of coverage, please take a second to answer the poll below:

Which 'Days of our Lives' star would you want to see come play Wii with the Stars?

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And definitely check out Deidrick's Twitter page. He loved one of the photos I took of him during the general audience Q&A so much, he made it his profile picture! Proud moment here, folks!

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