Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Glee may still have incredible pacing problems and giant story plot holes, but last night it did something I never thought anything could: it endeared the usually stuffy, usually bitch-face Gwyneth Paltrow to me. And that is quite a feat that deserves praising.

Paltrow sauntered into the Spanish classroom with a saucy lesson plan full of "Lindsay Lohan es loca, no?" that spoke directly to the things the kids were already thinking about. She got them working on things on what would normally be a day off for them. But more than that, somehow she also managed to live up to the double threat of Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and not only fill in during New Directions rehearsals but actually take them over.

Sure, she was a bit misguided at times: hence the sucking up to Puck (Mark Salling) and giving him test answers. But she performed "Conjunction Junction" for Kurt (Chris Colfer)'s English class, so call it a wash. And where the hell was that song on the week's soundtrack on iTunes???

But over all, she proved she was so much more than the serious, stressed, stick-thin actress Kathy Griffin made her out to be in her red carpet bit from a few years ago, in which she tried to joke around with the Oscar-winner but only got the cold shoulder (and aforementioned bitch-face) in response. Maybe it's being a mother; maybe it's living with a musician; but My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture can't even imagine her being willing to take a part like this a few years ago!

Yes, the episode entitled "The Substitute" was not without some of the aforementioned problems of itself: for one thing the minute it got you to like Ms. Holly Holliday, it remembered that she was only going to be around for but a brief moment and had to come up with a reason to dump her. And quite harshly, too. Also, it's never okay to give the bigger girl a love affair with food as her only major story over two seasons (though I more than understand the draw of hot lunch tater tots!). But it shed some light on a major flaw, made a little fun of it, and even managed to make some strides toward fixing it. Now, let's just hope they don't forget about those strides next week, hmmm, Mr. Schue??

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