Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hottie Awards: Better With Age...

Sometimes My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture hates men. They just seem to age so much better than us women! At least the majority of the famous ones do. So now that there is a chill in the air, I have decided to heat things up with one new, last minute category for the 2010 Hottie Awards!

Admittedly this kind of all started because of Facebook. Stupid, detrimental, time-wasting Facebook. See, through that website, I have taken a second look at some of the guys I knew when I was younger. Some were guys I dated in high school; some were just friends. Most have grown into pretty good looking dudes, and I started to wonder why I wrote them off when I, too, was just a lanky, dorky teenager. Maybe I couldn't see their potential; maybe I just didn't want to wait around for them to grow into themselves (I know, I know; I'm such a bitch!). In either respect, it got me thinking about celebrities with whom I may have done the same thing. And what has come out of it?

The Top Ten 'Better With Age' Hotties!

10. Bug Hall. Okay, admittedly he probably shouldn't be on a list like this until we see what he looks like in another twenty or thirty years. But considering I knew him as a somewhat lanky pre-adolescent with freckles, a chin-ass, and crooked teeth, he has certainly grown up nicely. Playing a bad-ass with a gun on the coolest drama of the season probably doesn't hurt his image either!
9. Kerr Smith. He's serious and smoldering. I admit I don't know much about him in his younger years-- only that everyone on Dawson's Creek had stupid hair so I never paid him much attention. Also he just looked really skinny back then. But now? Go-od!
8. Brian Austin Green. I admit, even though he was the "dork" on Beverly Hills, 90210, he was always the one I found the cutest. And getting tatted up helped. Hell, I am even willing to look past the white trash wifebeaters and street walker trash he married. Aw, too far? Whatever, I still think he-- and his son-- deserve better!
7. Ashton Kutcher. I never found him attractive. I don't know if it was the gawkiness, the obnoxiousness, or the plaid/polyester wardrobe he donned in the sitcom that made him famous. I couldn't imagine what Demi Moore saw in him. Maybe it was part her doing, or at least her influence, but he stopped pranking people (at least on camera and in front of the nation); he lost the ridiculous trucker hat, and he began to pull a Clooney in sleek, grey suits. And then, albeit it slowly, I began to see it, too.

6. Eminem. A scrawny teenager, even by his own estimation, he had a high, somewhat nasal voice and a quick temper. But his wit was quicker, even back then, and when he channeled it into characters and narrative lyrics, he was his best. With age has come maturation, wisdom, and finely toned muscle on top of what used to be just bony arms. And thankfully, he has dumped the peroxide bottle down the drain instead of on top of his own head.

5. Chris O'Donnell. Maybe it's a testament to how one wears his hair, but I never really found this guy particularly attractive when he was trying his hand at little romantic comedies fifteen or so years ago. But these days, with his shaved head, and seeming to have put on a bit of muscly bulk, I am ta
king a second look! He has lost his boyish good looks and grown into a hot man.
4. Will Smith. He started out as a goofy guy with big ears and a mustache that kind of resembled fruit mold on his upper lip. He had a somewhat comical rap style and a sitcom demeanor, but he moved on into a sleek businessman, choosing scripts smartly and raising his kids to the best of his ability. And yes, he shaved that ridiculous fruit mold and more than grew into his ears.
3. Matt LeBlanc. Mark down this day, as it is surely one for the record books: I am now a fan of the salt-and-pepper. He was always cute on Friends, but for that one season when he was looking a little wide (not fat, just wide), but now that he has matured, he is much more distinguished. That old saying is true! Even when he's just in jeans and a comfy cashmere sweater... And it helps that his new role is a bit more serious, too, because taking a peek at the sweet and somewhat vulnerable Matty is a color he wears well, too.
2. Ben Affleck. He went through phases: from an eager kid to a slightly paunchy frat bro to a too-flashy typical Hollywood d-bag to an attempted action hero to a serious man, director, and dad. And of all of the looks, that is the one that works best, whether he is donning oversized headphones, a beard, and a Red Sox cap while watching his actors rehearse, or toting around one or both of his girls. It's nice to see a guy who partied too hard and made some mistakes could bounce back so smoothly.
1. Jensen Ackles. Oh come on, this should have been a given for you by now! He was cute as a "boy" with his big lips and floppy hair, but he is so much hotter now that he has crossed the thirty milestone, with no slowing down as the years go on. He has proven he can rock anything you put him in, whether it's a soccer jersey, leather, or a t-shirt with a teddy bear on it!

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