Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's So Hard To Say Good-Bye...To 'Life Unexpected'...

It's a sad day for My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture. The little show that could-- the little show that I hoped would-- is being reported not to be getting a back nine from The CW. And without that back nine, even though no official cancelation has been ordered, it all boils down to the same thing: after this winter, Life Unexpected will be no more.
Though the network would not confirm directly with me at the time, a source close to the show has revealed to me that the cast and crew got the news today, a really crappy announcement for the start of a brand new month, if you ask me! E! Online also posted their latest article from their guest blogger, series star Kristoffer Polaha, and reading it, it really did seem like a good-bye and a thank you.

Episode 213, then, which will air in January, will have to serve as a series finale. It is no easy task to wrap up so many new and ever-expanding characters and story lines so quickly.

It's no secret I have loved this show since I read the pilot script. I have done whatever I could, from writing weekly features on the episodes and the cast, to Tweeting live during episodes, to reminding everyone I know to tune in and check it out. Sadly, it just hasn't been enough. Week after week the passion from those working on the show hasn't matched with the numbers of people tuning in. Those who are watching are just as passionate (and often vocal), but unfortunately the sheer amount of people hasn't been what the network wanted to see. They took a chance with season two, and though the numbers seemed to climb, slowly and steadily from a 1.4 to a 1.7, the emphasis should be on slowly. It wasn't proving to be a profitable show for The CW, though the heart was more than there.

What we will be losing is not just a strong-- and might I point out unique and original-- show, but also the power of a team of people who are one hundred and fifty percent behind their product. Everyone I have had the pleasure of talking to has had nothing but great, genuine things to say about each other, their weekly scripts, and the experience shooting up in Vancouver. They have been going above and beyond, not at the request of the network, but because they wanted to; they were proud of their show, and they wanted to share it with the world in every way possible. I interview a lot of talent from a lot of shows and never before have I seen such a universal affection for each other and the product. It is inspiring. It is a testament to the talent and leadership of showrunner Liz Tigelaar. It is a model of respect for future productions.

There were a couple of actors I followed to Life Unexpected. Polaha is someone I have had my eye on for years; I have written roles for him (needless to say, my scripts never went anywhere), and I would watch him in anything (the fact that this script was so strong was just a bonus). Austin Basis was also on my radar, due to his appearance in another CW show, Supernatural. Of course I knew the others, but it wasn't until this show that I really saw them shine and became the kind of fan who would follow them onto the next project. Sadly, that time to follow them has just come much sooner than I would have liked.

Everyone is so talented (and ridiculously humble about said talent), that I have no fear they will land on another show should the network decide to officially cancel the series in May: rumors are floating around that they are giving themselves until then to make the decision, but really, indecision is a decision within itself. Very few series get another season if their previous one wasn't a full order. And come may, if Tigelaar wants to go the route of equally prematurely canceled My Generation showrunner Noah Hawley and shop the project around elsewhere, even on the web, of course I will be its biggest cheerleader there, too. I will even make my own damn Westmonte pom poms if it comes down to it!

I will keep the Team Baze and Team Ryan tees available over at Zazzle.com until the end of the year to give you all one last chance to scoop them up, help a charity, and get a little piece of the show. Please remember that the first season will be available on DVD just after the holidays, as well.

And of course, I will continue to post weekly coverage on Examiner until this show is done. My love is eternal, so my support will not wain. I hope you will still stick with it, too. Do not take this news as a reason to check out but rather to tune in in full force to show that you are invested enough to see how it all plays out for however many episodes The CW may allow it.

And I might not show my appreciation as much as this cast has, but the fact that so many of you fans of the show are now fans of my writing means more than you could even know. It's been great to meet, chat, and get to know so many of you. Remember: fandoms are extremely powerful things and have the ability to change the world, if not just the face of TV!

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