Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joe Mascolo Speaks Very Frankly About His 'Days of our Lives' Ride On This Momentous Anniversary...

I wrote a book (see the above Buy My Book tab) about my childhood with Days of our Lives and yesterday I spent a day with some of them during NBC-Universal's annual "Day of Days" over at Universal Citywalk. Fans lined up starting in the wee hours of the morning to get autographs from some of the favorite cast members and to listen to them partake in a Q&A that was also live-streamed on the web. I, however, got to hang out with the cast in Samba restaurant, doing more formal one-on-one interviews. Most of those will be posted over at my Examiner page.
It was a thrill to get to spend so much time with people I grew up watching, and it was also somewhat surreal to know that in my pocket was my iPhone, filled with photos of me with said people from ten years ago. Full of bad outfits and worse hair...well, at least for me.

And maybe even for a
few of them, considering some have quite literally grown up on the show, working on it for ten or eighteen or even twenty-five years.

Tomorrow marks a very special anniversary for the show, and for the television industry in general: it is the forty-fifth anniversary of
Days of our Lives' premiere on NBC. And in forty-five years, there have been countless weddings, annulments, attempted weddings, attempted murders, framed murders, kidnappings, and even a demon possession. Shows that start on-air in this day and age are lucky if they get to four or five years; never again will something get to forty-five. So Days of our Lives has truly hit a milestone for television, pop culture, and history in general.

How did I celebrate? By spending time with the stars I, too, quite literally grew up around. And how better to kick off the celebration than with everyone's favorite (and, let's face it, feared) soap villain, Stefano DiMera aka
Joe Mascolo?

Within this video interview, he speaks very openly about why he left the show years ago, what cast members he hopes to see return, and why he thinks it's now right that Stefano is "settling down" with Kate:

And the fact that I managed to keep myself from bringing a copy of my book with which to have the talent pose (because some are mentioned within and some just have friends mentioned within) took more willpower than I might be willing to admit!

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