Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Supernatural' Saturdays: "All Dogs Go To Heaven" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- Aw, Sam and Dean are going to have to go to New York tonight? Nothing good happens in NY! #Puppies!#yesimademyownhashtagagain

- Last year it was the angel on Dean's shoulder (Cas), this year it's a demon (Crowley). No disrespect but @mishacollins is prettier #Puppies!

- Dean doesn't know what a quid is. I don't even know what a quid is. #Puppies!

- Yes, Dean, please smile. You're pretty when you smile. Well, you're pretty when you brood, too. So carry on. #Puppies!

- Crowley steps in as the father figure, steering the boys to cases. Even calls himself Papa. Not sure how I feel about this... #Puppies!

- Sam, you can't be "the same"; you have no soul. Old Sam was bad, but this is much, much worse. #Puppies

- I hope their fake names in the next scene are going to be Agents Vince and Vaughan. Owen Wilson, really? #WTFwasthat?

- Infamous "Dean awakes from sleeping and we get to see his ass" shot still looks good from my end. Even in jeans. #Puppies!

- Oh I heard him wrong. He didn't say Owen. LOL.

- Oh boy, another brother parallel. Again. Please don't hit us over the head. We get it; Dean has a hard choice to make. Again. #Puppies!

- Hmm a German Shepard. Interesting choice. I would have gone with a cute little puppy to rationalize Dean's fear of them. #Puppies!

- Meanwhile my own puppy is sound asleep, curled up on a pillow. Even the hell hounds of previous seasons didn't spike canine interest!

- That dog has an inappropriate love for this woman. But it's kind of her fault. #Puppies!

- I am mesmerized by how good of an actor this dog is. In a scene with Jensen & Jared, he's #2. #YesIWentThere #Puppies!

- I admit it; I thought this was a case of a She-Wolf at first glance, too. But when the evidence doesn't point there, Sam, we must move on.

- Poor Jared Padalecki! He's so good to animals in his real life (@adogsliferescue) but he's getting hunted by them on TV. #Puppies!

- Aw the pound? Way to break my heart in a whole new way, #Supernatural! #Puppies!

- I think this guy has a real name, Sam. He's not a character from #GeneralHospital! #Puppies!

- All dogs are loyal and protective of their families. Even the ones that aren't really dogs. That's why they go to heaven. #Puppies!

- Pack leader/alpha, it's all the same thing. And we saw it last week. I hope there's a twist soon. #Puppies!

- NEED to stop hearing Dean tell Sam "you're not you." We know that; we've known it longer than Dean has. ARGH!

- Heh. Dean said Dexter. There's crossover fan fiction in there somewhere. If you want to give me a Christmas present, that's it. No slash pls

- I hope you have a plan B, Dean; this is literally life or death for these people. Nancy Botwin has a plan C and only her freedom is at stake

- BTW, I apologize to any new followers who saw #Puppies! tonight and thought I was posting more pics of @MrMadisonC or something...

- Oh WHERE do I know this guy from? The one who met Lucky in the park. Looks so familiar it's gonna bug me! #Puppies!

- Really, dog-dude? Did you think she was going to take you in and marry you or adopt you or something? You watched her in the shower!

- "Line of duty"? Is that code for "when I was in hell"? Or "when I returned a hunter with no ability to tell right from wrong"? #Puppies!

- Well, let me answer for you, Sam: you're worse now. Because you can't feel. And feeling may be painful, but numbness is not human. #Puppies!

- I think Sam is making his case for why HE's like Dexter Morgan. But I'm not buying it. Dexter doesn't think he has a soul, but he does.

- I don't think I've ever said this at the end of a #Supernatural episode but: That's it???

Closing Remarks: They can't all be gems.

Hmm...another creature that can't be stopped unless you kill the alpha? Didn't we just do that? It's interesting to consider why two episodes with so many similarities in the "monster of the week" story line might be put back-to-back. I guess most fans are much more focused on the overall arc of hunting for Sam (Jared Padalecki)'s soul. Not this girl, though.

I have to be really honest here: I was extremely disappointed with this episode. Even in the original "monster of the week" format in season one, each episode, and each creature in some way, advanced the overall plot, arc, and mythology, teaching the boys something about themselves, each other, or their family or destiny. This one did none of that, and six years in that kind of throwaway is really, really unfortunate.

Also there was just way too much repetitive from the "you're not you" side of Dean (Jensen Ackles)'s conversation with Sam. We get it; we know that; we've known it longer than he has. And perhaps that's why he's still dwelling while we've had AMPLE time to get over it-- or at least to get fired up enough to want to do something about it. Dean just seems to want to obsess and constantly be disappointed when he realizes something he already knows to be true.

...I just had a wave of deja vu writing that. I feel like I've said that before. And I probably have. Because the show has done the scene/conversation/tone before...

Crowley (Mark Sheppard) as the demon quite literally on Dean's shoulder this season is a nice change of pace from the angel-steering of last year, even if I do love me some Misha Collins. But if he's going to keep up the pseudo-paternal figure, he needs to be around more. These boys have had way too much of that disappearing act already. They might not necessarily want him around. Because of the demon thing. But I'd be willing to bet they welcome the challenge. They do their best when they're at odds with someone-- or something. And them on the verge of battling each other is so last season!

I love dogs. You all know that from my constant gratuitous shots of my own puppy. Unfortunately not even those cuddly little faces (yes, I know they were killers, too) could save this episode for me. I found it slightly dull and definitely a bit slow-moving after last week's intense, high-stakes/high-drama/high-torture factor. They raised the bar with how much they said in "Family Matters", and it feels like they were too exhausted from that emotional roller coaster to keep the momentum up this week.

Thankfully next week's mockery of fairies looks like it will restore the awesome, even if it's in a different, more humorous way. Those "lighter" episodes are always welcome. I'm not saying it has to be serious and broody all the time (though the boys do look good that way, too!), but something has to happen.

Still I have to say: even a low-key Supernatural episode is better than no Supernatural episode at all.

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