Saturday, November 20, 2010

'Supernatural' Saturdays: "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" Tweetathon Round-Up...

- I will admit it: I never really watched #TheXFiles. But even I can see the brilliance in #Supernatural's temp titles. #FightTheFairies

- Seeing a couple out in a deserted woodsy area making out with creepy noises around them makes me think of S1's #Hookman. #FighttheFairies

- I mistakenly told someone that I heard #TheXFiles theme music in this promo scene. Turns out it was #OuterLimits. Told you I didn't know it!

- If Mitch Pileggi isn't in this episodes it is an extremely missed opportunity. #FightTheFairies

- #NoSoulSam snarking off at Fairy Lady kind of sounds like Castiel but without the fun. #FightTheFairies

- Is it just me or are Dean and Sam talking really fast in this opening scene? Maybe Ben Edlund understands the need to push thru exposition.

- That guest star just said "aboot". Way to hide your Canadian location, #Supernatural. #FightTheFairies

- You know what "fine" really stands for, right, Sam? #FightTheFairies

- If Dean really does turn into a Jiminy Cricket that could fit on one's shoulder...I call dibs!! #FightTheFairies

- Okay @nottheribbons, #NoSoulSam in the bar is totally endearing. You're right. #FightTheFairies It pains me a bit to say that.

- "How to get them"? Really, Sam? It's not like you can just walk into Target and pick them off a shelf. #FightTheFairies

- At least he isn't paying for it, right, Dean? #FightTheFairies

- Next on a very special Geraldo: Dean Winchester Gets An Anal Probe. #FightTheFairies!

- Why is Dean so surprised aliens exist? He went to hell and back. Nothing should surprise him in season six. #FightTheFairies

- Dean knows the #HowYouDoin! What if Dean went to a bar with Joey Tribbiani? Who do you think would pick up more women? #FightTheFairies

- Ooh creepy dude in the window!!! #FightTheFairies

- No, just hit him, Dean. It will make you feel better. It will make us ALL feel better. #FightTheFairies

- Wrong again, Sam; not everyone on the planet believes in UFOs. Right here. I'm someone who doesnt. But I do believe in Tink #FightTheFairies

- Moments like Dean getting hit in the face by a fairy are what make DVRs seem necessary. What did he call that sucker? #FightTheFairies

- Reason #127 why microwaves are the best invention ever. #FightTheFairies

- #NoSoulSam in this episode is like a gigantor Castiel. Discuss. #FightTheFairies

- Where is this batty lady getting her lore? This is a little bit of everything: silver, iron, salt, and uh, cream?... #FightTheFairies

- Aw, Dean and Sam are adorable playing tea party! #FightTheFairies

- I'm glad Dean just called out the Keeblers. Because I literally exclaimed that when I saw the workshop. Too bad there were no cookies tho...

- Aw, old man, "It wasn't like that?" It never is. But if #NoSoulSam knows you should know better then you're in serious trouble.

- Oh no, leprechauns, too!? Ben Edlund, you are KILLING me! #FightTheFairies

- The fake-out with the crop circles kind of just seems mean right about now. #FightTheFairies

- Is this just some overgrown fairy that's semi-stalking Dean? #FightTheFairies

- Oh Dean, you can't call a grown man a fairy!

- Dean is too pretty for jail. Even if that's just a holding cell usually reserved for drunks. #FightTheFairies

- I realize now that people who see my hashtag may think I'm advocating hate crimes and using a slur. Apologies. I am not, btw.

- Huh. Now that they point it out, this guy kind of DOES look like a leprechaun. Especially standing next to Sasquatch. #FightTheFairies

- Why can all of these creatures/beings see right thru Sam but Dean couldn't for so long? Emotion clouds judgment! Maybe #NoSoulSam IS better

- Oh here we go, just another being trying to cut a deal. #NoSoulSam can't feel, but can he still think? #FightTheFairies

- Salt. It has SO many household uses these days! #FightTheFairies

- The scene sharing beers on the Impala feels like as close to a Thanksgiving as these boys will ever get. Even has the deep family chat...

- Still, too bad there's no new #Supernatural next week. I'd love to see what #NoSoulSam would give thanks for...

Closing Remarks: Recently I sat down to begin watching Supernatural again from the beginning with a friend who never watched the show before. It has been a slow process, trying to coordinate time in both of our schedules to sit down for three or four hours at a time and watch a chunk of episodes, so we're still on season one. And one of the things to which my attention was greatly drawn in doing so was just how serious the episodes of the early years were. They were still trying to set their tone and reel their audience in, and they knew they were dealing with heavy material: life, death, demons. Season six thus far has been really great about getting us back into that mindset; it truly has gone back to the basics/the beginning in that way. However, since we are six seasons in now and have experienced lighter fare like "Changing Channels" and "The Real Ghostbusters", I for one can't help but wish for a break with one of those. And this week, Sera Gamble and Ben Edlund heard my wish and granted it...much like the fairies they mock are supposed to.

Oh, and another thing I want to briefly point out: my friend who is watching the show for the first time now is a big
X-Files fan. So big that every time the new lore of the new episode we turn on is apparent, she finds an episode of that former show to which to compare it. Due to Kim Manners and a lot of the X-Files-turned-Supernatural crew, the similarities started waaay before tonight's crop circle/opening title sequences tribute.

Anyway, one of the things my friend and I both agree on is that we love snarky Dean (Jensen Ackles). In the earlier seasons that was all we had to lighten the mood most of the time, but since then we have been given oh, so much more. Including Castiel (Misha Collins), who has become such a fan favorite that it seems unfortunately he is getting pushed aside because he was more endeared to the fans that the actual star of the show, Jared Padalecki. So in an attempt to add some humor to a really dark situation with Sam having no soul, he has turned into a Castiel clone. A gigantor Castiel clone with floppier hair. His inability to feel and therefore care about human emotion perfectly mimicked Castiel's inability to feel or read human emotion. If that was intentional or not will remain to be seen in future episodes, I guess. I, for one, certainly hope they do find a way to retrieve Sam's soul, though, because without it, it appears there isn't much of a need for Collins.

And I love me some Misha Collins!

Also, no Grandpa Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) in an episode with nods to The X-Files??? That just feels like a missed opportunity any way you slice it!

Other than that, though, I had a ton of fun watching this episode. I really do find some of the "lighter" ones to be the best of the series. "Hollywood Babylon", in all of its meta-goodness, is still an all-time favorite of mine. "Yellow Fever" and "Bad Day at Black Rock" follow closely behind, and wouldn't you know it? Once I got past all the wack-a-doo nature of fairies loving cream, the Keebler Elves looking workshop ones in the watch store, the leprechaun!, and the ridiculous need to count grains of salt...I felt like I needed to add this to the list!

Edlund is a genius. A somewhat twisted, but still inspiring, genius!

There isn't another new episode of Supernatural until December 3rd, so next week I won't have to worry about getting my energy up enough after a day of crazy bargain shopping in order to make coherent thoughts. And when the show returns it does so with Demon Meg Masters #2 (Rachel Miner). Even the return of Collins can't make that fully okay in my book. Strap in now, folks, this season is proving to be quite the bumpy ride!


S said...

Not to be rude because your opinion is yours and you're more than entitled to it. But as someone who has been a fan since day 1, I have and always will despise Castiel. While I will admit he did catch the attention on many and is popular with some in the fanbase, they're are just as many of us who DO NOT like him. I have a lot a of issues with this season, the one that I haven't had, is the lack of Castiel I think they've used him sparingly and for me that is just the right amount. Just so you know, as a hater, I usually keep my mouth shut on this topic, since IMO a few of the Castiel fans are . . . irritatingly loud with their enthusiasm for the character/actor and won't allow anyone to disagree with their opinion on the character. Points is just because those who dislike the character aren't as obsessively loud about our dislike doesn't mean we aren't out there, because believe me we are, we just usually stick together and expressive our dislike to each other instead of blasting around the web. Just the opinion from a differing side of the fandom division line. Cool that you're getting you're friend into the show, I personally haven't felt comfortable recommending it to anyone since early S4, which is rather sad since so many of my friends are not watching any longer.

danielletbd said...

Wow, really? I honestly had no idea there was a big part of the fandom that didn't like the character. I covered the Creation Entertainment convention last year and got such a wide (and yes, loud) response to my articles about Misha Collins I guess I just assumed his particular brand of humor was something the majority welcomed into the show. I definitely feel everyone is entitled to their opinion so I certainly don't begrudge you yours. I dislike Sam more than most fans-- not Jared as an actor but Sam as a character-- and this is my outlet to express that.

In any respect, thanks for reading and commenting on the article! Hopefully I'll be able to keep the momentum going for the rest of the season.

Sacha said...

Castiel is enormously popular among the fan base, easily as popular as the brothers. There is only a small percentage of fans who dislike him. But a handful of these seem obsessed with writing everywhere they can that he is not really popular, blah blah only because they can't accept his popularity. They turn up on every board but are drowned out by the overwhelming number of fans who are writing how much they love and miss Cas.

I've read he's missing mainly because Misha Collins was given time off to spend with his wife and new baby but he will be around for most of the 2nd half. His story about heaven's war and the missing weapons are definately something I want the brothers to help with. I've had enough of soulless Sam.